Starting June 21st, 2017 – 6:30pm

Sir John A MacDonald (SJAM) High School – North Parking Lot

The format of the Wednesday ride after completion of the Learn to Group Ride program will become recreation focused….celebrating being on the bike!  There will not be formal instruction although many WCC Ride Leaders will be attending.  There will be two options each week:

  1. Road Ride,
  2. Gravel Ride


Road Ride

The Recreation Road Ride will use the Bamberg Loop (Tuesday night loop) as the base route, but we certainly encourage participants to explore other roads on the west site of Waterloo (a great topic to ask WCC Ride Leaders about).

The Recreational Road ride is a great opportunity to continue growing your group skills from the Learn to Group Ride program or to just enjoy being on the bike with friends.  Distance will be typically be in the 40km to 50km range and the pace will be between 20km/h and 25km/h.

Ride Approach

  • We will discuss the pace of the groups at the start and then ride leaders will stick to that pace.
  • Groups will leave SJAM in reverse order of expected pace about every 2 minutes.  The benefit of being able to choose a group based on all riders outweighs introducing the likelihood of groups passing each other.  If you find early in the ride that you would like a slightly higher pace then you would be able to join another group as they catch up.
  • We commit to a 100% no drop policy – the group will ride at a pace the whole group can handle, with regroups after any hills.
  • If enough ride leaders and riders are present then a women’s only group might organize for the ride, but this will be determined at the start of the ride.

An important element to any group riding is building your social cycling network and learning about other ride options within the club.  Have you tried the Saturday Recreational Fondo?  If not, the Wednesday Recreational Road ride is a great place to meet people and learn more about other Recreational options.

Gravel Ride

Riding off the Beaten Path

Rides that incorporate quiet roads, gravel roads, rail trails and community trails are often called gravel grinders. However, the term gravel grinder doesn’t really tell you much. This type of riding isn’t so much about the gravel as it is about finding the routes less travelled. We look for variety; a ride that gives some exercise, but is still relaxing.

To allow for maximum exploration, a little wider tire is recommended. 30mm and up should be fine. If you are really stable on 28mm, that would work too. There is really no limit on the top end: hybrids, mountain bikes, and plus sizes would all be fun.

The main group is planned to be a modest pace a little below 20 kph. If you ride any of the Learn to Group or Recreational rides you should be fine riding with this group. The goal is to be done in less than two hours and cover 30 to 40 kilometres. This is planned to be a social ride, so occasionally as the route permits we may make a short shop for refreshments.

The goal of this ride is to introduce club members to this type of riding in a very inclusive environment. Come see what all the buzz is about.