Wednesday Learn to Group Ride Program

6 Week Program Starting May 3th, 2017 – 6:30pm
May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 and June 7

Start at RIM Park, North East corner of Parking Lot, just off Millenium Blvd.  Registration is NOT required for the program, but you must be a WCC Member.

The program will extend if cancelled due to weather cancellations.  Please watch the website forum, Facebook and Twitter.

WCC provides programs, knowledge, skills, club rides, camaraderieship and support to all those who want to cycle and increase their fitness and performance.  Participants must be at least 15 years of age and be comfortable on a bike.

Road riding is an exciting, but sometimes intimidating world to enter.

Can I keep up with the group? How do I ride in a paceline? How do I gear going up hills? I really just want to have fun, meet people like me and learn to ride better.

The Learn to Group Ride is an ideal way to meet new riders, learn from experienced leaders and go for a spin with friends while practicing the skills of group cycling.  See below for more details.

Note: An orientation night for Learn to Group Ride will be held on Wednesday April 26th.  Watch the website, Facebook and Twitter for more details.




Learn to Group Ride Details

You will learn the etiquette of group riding while improving your fitness and confidence.  Each week focussing on a new skill.
This is a clinic/teaching type ride NOT for speed or distance.

Please watch the website/Twitter/Facebook of any changes.

You will learn:

  • How to communicate in a group
  • Safe drafting
  • How to Ride pace and keep a group together
  • Survival skills for the road (basic repairs)
  • Introduction to double pace line

You must be a WCC member to participate in the Wednesday night ride program.  

For more information contact:

We will do our best to accommodate all skill and fitness levels.

This is primarily a road ride intended for participants on road bicycles. However, the group riding skills are transferable to other rides such as the Monday EZ-Gravel Grinder.  If there is sufficient interest from those with cyclocross (CX), hybrid and mountain bikes to try group riding, we will be offering a group for such riders.  The initial weeks of learning basic skills will be on the same course as the road bikes, but the later rides may venture out to some gravel roads and trails.

What you should bring to the ride

  • Road bicycle in safe running condition
  • CSA/SNELL/ANSI approved bicycle helmet
  • Water bottles and food
  • Cycling computer/odometer (to maintain a consistant pace in a group)
  • Cell phone (optional)
  • Emergency contact information/ID (let someone know where you are going)
  • Basic tools, spare inner tube, pump or CO2 inflation cartridge
  • Front and rear light for late season rides