The Race of Truth

For 2017 the Waterloo Cycling Club will have two Time Trial series:

  • Our traditional 14 km Thursday Evening event on Crowsfoot Road
  • The new (added last year) 40 km Sunday morning Time Trial

Note: For 2017 the Thursday Night Time Trial will start at 7 pm rather than 6: 30 pm.

Thursday Time Trial

The Thursday Night Time Trial (TT) series is held every four weeks starting on Thursday May 4 and ending with a championship night September 7.  There will be two divisions: no aero-equipment and anything goes.

It is a race against yourself and the challenge is to improve on your own personal time week by week. 


The course on Crowsfoot road is 13.86 km; roughly 7 km out and 7 km back.  This is a very fast flat course (other than a little downhill ramp at the start to get you going and to challenge you at the finish).



Sign up begins at 6:45 and ends promptly at 7:00 when the first rider starts.

Arriving after 7:00 means you will have to wait until the next time trial – so please be on time.

Thursday Time Trial Dates 2017:

  • May 4
  • June 1
  • July 6
  • August 10 (Please note that due to construction on Crowsfoot there has been a change of location for this date. Click here to view the forum post with all the details.)
  • September 7 – Championship Night

Sunday Time Trial

The Sunday Morning Time Trial (TT) series will be held on the middle weekend of the summer months. There will be two divisions: no aero-equipment and anything goes.

The 40 km course, 20 km out and back, just west of Monkton is exceedingly flat and smooth. The start / finish line is on county road 55 just west of 23. There is room to park on the side of the road near the start.

Click here for the link to the Google map.

Click here for a link to the Strava route.












Sign up begins at 9:30 and ends at 9:45. The first rider will go off at 10 am.

Sunday Time Trial Dates for 2017 (may add one more later):

  • June 25

Inclement Weather: The time trial will be cancelled if there is solid rain (causing rooster tails off your back wheel) or lightning between 6-8 pm, if the temperature is below 0 C, or if there are sustained winds greater than 40 kph. If the ride is going to be cancelled, a tweet will be sent from @WaterlooCC (see right side of home page).