A rich part of the Waterloo Cycling Clubs history is The Big Ride.  A Saturday ride, near the end of the road cycling season, to celebrate the great cycling we’ve all done through the summer and to raise money for a local cause.  For 2016 we’re bringing back The Big Ride!

The Big Ride - Bayfield

The Ride

Date: Saturday September 10th
Time: Ride will start at 8:30am (arrive at least 15 minutes in advance)

Departure Location:  Sir John A MacDonald North Parking Lot (location of the Wednesday Rec Ride)
Arrival Location: Clan Gregor Square

Route Link: Bayfield Loop

Mechanical Support: Available throughout the ride, provided by Velofix.  Contact details for Velofix will be provided should support be required.

Rest Stops on Route: Velofix will park in one location on the way to Bayfield and one location on the way back to provide any drinks, food or mechanical support that might be required.  Water, hydration mix and energy bars will be available.  Rest stops and locations with convenience stores are marked on the route.
Rest Stop 1: Walton – 70km mark to Bayfield
Rest Stop 2: Broadhagen – 50km mark back to Waterloo

Lunch: Lunch is being sponsored by Freshii Waterloo and will be served in Bayfield at Clan Gregor Square park.  The park has washroom facilities.

Freshii logo Northfield & Weber
584 Weber St. N.


Groups: We will form groups in our preferred size of 10 – 16 riders.  The club will be in contact with riders in advance to understand target pace and build groups to support those paces.  Groups will leave at roughly the same time and then build gaps on the road.  We expect the paces to range between the Saturday Intermediate and Fast Fondos.  Please note that the roads to Bayfield are very flat with significantly fewer stop signs than we see locally, which makes for a smoother ride and helps increase the pace a little bit.

Friends in other clubs: For 2016 The Big Ride is a WCC event, but we are happy to have friends from other clubs register and join us.  The only condition is that they must be OCA Affiliate members for insurance purposes.

Completing the Big Ride as a Relay Team

“I can’t ride 200+km in one day, but I want to take part!” We want The Big Ride to be a celebration of road cycling for the club so completing the ride as part of a relay is an option.  Find a partner and ride half of the distance each!

If you are taking part as a relay team then one rider will ride to Bayfield and the other will ride home.   The club will email all relay participants prior to the ride to help facilitate car pooling to Bayfield.  The route is 124km to Bayfield and 112km home.  In September the wind will likely be from the west making the ride to Bayfield a little tougher than the ride home.

If you are looking for a relay partner please add a forum entry to the Rides forum or add to the entry created by Brent Doberstein.

As of August 16th there are already three relay teams registered.

The Cause

The Waterloo Cycling Club is thrilled to partner with Alzheimer Society Waterloo Wellington.  Alzheimer’s has touched many of us and the Society provides services to people living with dementia, and their families.  The funds we collect will go directly those in need locally!

As a club our fundraising goal is $15,000!ASWW


Note: There is no money required up front to register.  By September 10th you need to have raised the expected amount (or contributed any amount you have not raised).

The registration for The Big Ride is done through the Alzheimer Society Memory Makers portal.  This will enable us to track both who is registered and easily start collection donations for this great cause.

Alzheimer Society Memory Makers Portal

Register on the site (link to “Join the Team” is just above the Fundraising Progress Thermometer on the right hand side) and fill in the required details as an individual.  There will be a default personal page set up for you, but I strongly recommend you customize this page with details about the ride and why you might be riding.

Donation expectations:

Individuals: $200
Couples/Families: $300
Relay Team: $300