6726586321_8397c186e4_o Starting April 11th, 2015 – 10:00 am start for remainder of April, 8:30 am thereafter.

This ride is the next step for riders looking to progress from Wednesday novice / skills development rides. This is a steady pace distance ride. The goal of this ride is to work as a cohesive group and apply the skills that have been developed on Wednesday rides.  We will be riding in pace line formation where road conditions permit so you need to be comfortable riding in close proximity to others. In order to keep the group tight, faster riders in the group should expect to be working below maximum effort and will need to pay attention to slower riders and not stretch the group out. Slower riders should focus their efforts on minimizing gaps and taking full advantage of the draft (you are not obligated to take a turn pulling). There is no formal instruction during this ride, but experienced riders are available for advice. If the turn out is large, and if there are sufficient ride leaders, the group will be divided (but the same guidelines apply to keep the groups cohesive).

Distance / Pace: The base ride distance is approximately 75km with occasional longer rides when preparing for cycling events. Goal pace is 30km/h, but this varies by season (early season slower, peak season a bit faster), route, weather conditions etc.

When: This ride will go most Saturday’s during the riding season starting at 8:30am, (10:00 am in April) with the possible exception of when other cycling events occur (such as Tour de Waterloo). Watch for forum posts for additional ride info or cancellations.

Where: Behind Coffee Time Donuts at the corner of Albert and Bearinger / Hazel in Waterloo.  Be prepared to be self sufficient with food, drink, pump/air, tools etc.