Road rides are the biggest rides we organize – with upwards of 80 people at the peak of the season on Tuesday nights. Each of the following weekly road rides is designed with different riders and objectives in mind.

Tuesday Night Bamberg Loop Road Ride

Our most populate ride. Designed to test and increase your fitness through higher speed double pace line riding and climbing around a 17km looped course. Don’t feel too intimidated. There are 5 different levels or groups which ride at different paces and distances. 1 = racer. 5 = novice.

Wednesday Evening Novice Road Ride 

For those new to cycling and who want to increase their fitness and learn the basics skills of group riding before graduating to the Tuesday night “huff & puff” ride.

Thursday Night Road Ride From St. Jacobs Mall

This is an intermediate, longer ride, with 6-15 riders taking 2-5 minute turns “pulling” the peleton along a 60-80km route.

Monthly Time Trials (Thursdays)

The race of truth. All out suffering against the clock for 14km along the “Merry Hill Speed Way”.

Saturday Intermediate & Advanced