Road rides are the biggest rides we organize – with upwards of 80 people at the peak of the season on Tuesday nights. Each of the following weekly road rides is designed with different riders and objectives in mind.

Tuesday Night Training Road Ride

Groups of 8-15 cyclists will ride in tight rotating pacelines for a series of powerful work intervals followed by recovery intervals.

The Bamberg Loop will be used each year until the end of June, after which the option for groups to “tour” will be added.  Touring options are available on the Tuesday ride page, but the route will ultimately be up to each group.

Wednesday Night Learn to Group Ride 

For those new to cycling and who want to learn the basics skills of group riding before graduating to the Tuesday night “huff & puff” ride.  Registration is NOT required for this program.

Upon completion of the 6 week Learn to Group Ride program this ride will change to be a recreational ride allowing participants to continue growing their group riding skills, work on fitness or just have a great time riding with friends.

Thursday Threshold Group Road Ride

Groups of 8-15 cyclists will focus on longer efforts at threshold intensity level.  Expect longer pulls of 3 to 8 minutes at lactate threshold before pulling off for recovery in the group.

Monthly Time Trials (Thursdays)

The race of truth. All out suffering against the clock for 14km along the “Merry Hill Speed Way”.

Saturday Fondo

Groups of 8-15 cyclists will ride for a longer distance at a steady, comfortably hard pace. The idea behind the WCC Saturday Fondo is to offer similar routes to as many members as possible with different distances similar to the Fondos that many of us ride for a fun challenge.  Most Saturdays will include a destination for the longer routes that will act as a form of rest stop.