Kari Hueber

Twitter: @karihueber

Disciplines: Road, Cyclocross, Track

2014 Goals:

  • Improve racing skills and tactics
  • Achieve 2nd place or higher at an OCup road race
  • Race cyclocross
  • Have fun!
Kari started cycling in 2012 with the WCC novice rides and quickly discovered her love for the sport. An advocate for women’s cycling, she wants to encourage more women to get into riding and racing.  She can often be seen on the back of the tandem bicycle that she rides with fellow race team member and boyfriend, Adam Poll

Aaron Hamill

Height: 185cm
Weight: 80kg
Age: 24
Hometown: Kitchener, ON
Twitter: @hamillaaron

Disciplines: MTB, Road
Strengths: Technical XC Descents, Road Sprints

2014 Goals:

  • Road – Competitive in E4 – in a position to podium – upgrade to E3.
  • MTB – Competitive in Sport and improve on avg speed- upgrade to Expert
  • Stay consistent with training in and out of race season.
Aaron grew up playing many sports, only picking up cycling within the past 5 years. He started riding the Hydrocut trails in 2007. Learning the ins and outs of racing well with WCC, Aaron now rides both Road and MTB races.

Quinn Hanam

Height: 180cm
Weight: 73kg
Age: 26
Hometown: Kitchener, ON
Twitter: @QuinnHanam

Disciplines: Road, Track, Time Trial
Strengths: The last 300m.

2014 Goals:

  • KW Classic
  • Tour de Waterloo
  • Track Provincials
Quinn grew up in Kitchener, riding around the trails at Chicopee and the Grand River Trail. He switched his focus from mountain bike racing to road and track by joining the Forest City Velodrome in 2009.

Adam Poll

Height: 190.5cm
Weight: 82.5kg
Age: 27
Hometown: New Dundee, ON
Twitter: @adamlikesbikes 

Disciplines: Road, Track, CX, MTB, Time Trial
Strengths: All around rider, Punching big holes in the air for everyone behind me

2014 Goals:

  • Finish Strong in Cat 1/2 Races
  • Podium at an O-Cup Cyclocross Race
  • Break the Club TT Record
  • Encourage more Club mates to Race/Compete
 Adam started cycling in 2006 looking to improve his well being. He joined the Forest City Velodrome in 2008 and rode his first race in 2009. Adam made the jump to WCC in 2010. His great all round ability has shown through with his strong performances across multiple cycling disciplines.

Tabi Ferguson

Height: 164cm
Weight: 54kg
Age:  My UCI Licence says 19-29
Hometown: Waterloo, ON
Twitter: Twitter?

Disciplines: Road, CX, MTB
Strengths: (Up)Hills and hot weather riding

2014 Goals:

  • Gain enough points to go back to Senior Elite (3 MTB O-Cups)
  • 2-3 Road O-Cups
  • O-Cup Cyclocross Races ’til the weather becomes really unpleasant
  • Ride my MTB more (fingers crossed no soggy summer this year!)
  • Be able to lift something heavier than my MTB
  • Encourage more women to try all aspects of cycling
Tabi has been riding and racing with the WCC since 1994.

Philip Sheffield

Height: 186cm
Weight: 75kg
Age: 25
Hometown: White Rock, BC

Disciplines: Road
Strengths: All-Rounder

2014 Goals:

  • Upgrade to Cat 3
  • Podium finish
  • No Crashes
Philip bought his first road bike in late 2009 after a brief foray into long distance running. Following his cross Canada bike tour in 2011 he started racing, enjoying some success in 2012. Philip hopes to build upon last years success and to continue encouraging new riders to try out WCC.

Carolyn Smith

Disciplines: Road, MTB, CX

Strengths: All-Rounder, Climbing

2014 Goals:

  • See continued improvement in my O-cup MTB point system ranking score (mid 80’s or higher as a goal for points in the Expert category)
  • Improve my technical confidence (especially on drop-offs and down hills)
  • Improve sprinting ability to finish
Carolyn has been cycling casually for about 20 years, competing in MTB races and triathlons.  Since joining the WCC in 2011, she has increased the intensity of training and has begun competing in O-cup road and MTB races.  Carolyn is now looking to focus on mountain biking and the O-cup MTB series.  She’s also looking forward to working with beginner mountain bikers and encouraging more females into the sport.

Aidan Webster

Height: 170cm
Weight: 56.7kg
Age: 16
Hometown: Kitchener, ON
Twitter: @Aidan__Webster

Disciplines: MTB
Strengths: Climbing, Endurance

2014 Goals:

  • Top 5 finishes in the O-cup Cadet Expert Races
Aidan was introduced to mountain biking by his parents at a very young age – ripping it up through the WCC trails when he was eight years old. He began taking part in kids races at the Ontario Cups. For 2014, Aidan is going to  compete in the Cadet Expert 15-16 category in the Ontario Cup MTB races.

Nathan Poultan

Height:  177 cm
Weight: 70 kgs
Age:  32
Hometown:  Guelph
Disciplines:  All
Strengths:  Trash Talking

2014 Goals:

  • Cyclocross
  • Promote healthy, active living
  • MTB & Road events
  • Good times with WCC friends

Eric Hueston

Height: 192cm
Weight: 75kg
Hometown: Aylmer, ON
Age: 23
Disciplines: Road, Track
Strengths: Climbing, Endurance

2014 Goals:

  • Upgrade to E3 with Kris
  • Promote track riding
  • Learn racing techniques and tactics