The Waterloo Cycling Club is excited to have an ever-growing presence in Ontario racing. For the 2016 season we have an amazing group of women and men representing our club in all disciplines including road, mountain, cyclocross and track.


Tier 1
Kelly Ellis (E2 Road, MTB, CX)
Kari Hueber (E2 Road, MTB, CX)
Allison Sauder (Elite MTB, CX)
Phil Sheffield (E2 Road, MTB, CX)
Aidan Webster (Junior Elite MTB) dreams of summer

Tier 2
April Blaylock (Senior Expert MTB)
Tom Cauduro (E3 Road, MTB, CX)
Blake Ellis (M2 Road, MTB, CX)
Tabi Ferguson (Senior Expert MTB)
Joel Lee (Expert MTB)
Kate Morgan (Master Expert MTB)
Mike Patte (M2 Road, CX)
Keith Peck (M2 Road)
Chris Pippy (M2 Road)
Nathan Poulton (Elite CX)
Carolyn Smith (Senior Expert MTB)
Heather Zunic (E3 Road)

Tier 3
Ana-Maria Bogotan (MTB, CX)
Kevin Broadfoot (MTB, CX)
Michael Charland (Road)
Oliver Dowd (Road)
Christian Eilers (MTB, CX)
Lee Fitzgerald (Road)
Alain Francq (Road, CX)
Andrew Gateman (MTB, CX)
Kevin Gibson (Road, CX)
Simon Guthrie (Road, MTB)
Jeff Heipel (Road)
Adrian Kleinikkink (MTB)
Albert Kleinikkink (MTB)
Stephen Lake (Road, Track)
Mitchell McCurry (Youth)
Lance McLellan (Road)
Jacob Mitchell (MTB)
Joel Rose (Road, MTB, CX)
Ken Ruckstuhl (MTB, CX)
Todd Stahley (Road)
Sam Weichel (Road)
Mark Weymouth (CX)
Dino Zunic (Road)