Adam Poll

The vision of the Waterloo Cycling Club’s race program is to grow and develop riders at the grassroots level with the objective of feeding provincial and national teams. We seek to build the exposure of the club’s racing program and promote the Waterloo Cycling Club in Ontario and Canada. The club and the members of the WCC Race Team aim to create an enjoyable, competitive and well coordinated racing program for all levels and ages.

The Race Team enjoys the support of the club and membership. Team members enjoy race support, team clothing, team training and group rides. As such, team members are encouraged to always train and race in their Waterloo Cycling Club kit to promote awareness of and support for the club. They will also give back to the members of the club by coaching new riders and participating in club events.

Adam Poll, 2017 Race Director


 Team WCC is stronger than ever for 2017. The program will focus on supporting committed athletes, bringing new riders into the sport, promoting elite performances, and delivering coaching where warranted.

In particular, we strive to strengthen the three pillars built by WCC – Ride.Race.Lead. We aim to achieve stronger results on the racecourse but more importantly we strive to build a champion cycling team who will always stand by their principles of being:

  • CHAMPIONS OF MAKING WELLBEING A GOAL – Our athlete’s wellbeing is as important as any race. We strive to create well balanced and well-rounded citizens.
  • CHAMPIONS OF COMPETING WITH PRIDE – Competing is taking pride in being something better than we were yesterday, as a competitor and as an individual.
  • CHAMPIONS OF TAKING THE LEAD – Taking the lead doesn’t just mean winning, it means taking the lead in ethics, integrity and sustainability.
  • CHAMPIONS OF EMBRACING COMMUNITY – We care about our athletes as people, who in turn care about our community.
  • CHAMPIONS OF EARNING RESPECT – From the very beginning we have set out to earn respect not only from the cycling community, but from everyone.

We will aim to attend local and provincial events to best develop and expose our athletes while promoting the club and the racing program. Success on the podium will always be a focus but most of all we are looking toward the future of Team WCC, the club and cycling. In particular, we are looking to increase team cohesiveness and co-ordination and to grow our numbers at all levels – Youth, Junior, Senior/Elite and Masters.