The WCC trail committee has purchased and installed trail counters to
acquire traffic patterns and counts.   The installation did require some
optimization in order to achieve accurate results so April and early May
data is not entirely accurate.  What we know is that only counting Glasgow
end data our trails had an average of 95 riders per day! Stay tuned as this
data will be updated regularly and we think all will be very amazed at the
usage our trails actually have.
If you do happen to notice a counter please feel free to take a look but
please no tampering. These units are licensed to the WCC and are
non-functional without docking hardware (for retrieving data) and licensed
software key.

Trail Counter Vandalism

Both counter sites were vandalized but fortunately the counters themselves
were spared. Due to this there will be some data missing as we fortify the
enclosures and take further measures to prevent this very disappointing
behavior.   If anyone witnesses tampering or vandalism to the trail counter
please feel free to take notes / names etc. and pass on to the trail
committee.   We want to emphasis that the counters purpose is to provide
data to support further development and maintenance of our trails and that
the contents of the enclosure are licensed and have no value to anyone
wishing to steal them.  They also will not function without docking hardware
which is not located in the enclosure.

If anyone would like to know more about “what’s inside those boxes” feel
free to contact Marty and I would be happy to explain in

Despite the down time our trails are still showing phenomenal usage.  Click
below to view the latest traffic data

Ride lots, ride safe and enjoy the trails!

Counter Data