The Trails Committee

The WCC Trails Committee manages the operations of the trails in collaboration with the Region of Waterloo.  This volunteer committee of club members meets on a monthly basis and provides the leadership for the design and building of new trails.  And equally important, for the ongoing maintenance, monitoring, reporting and control of trails usage on behalf of the Region of Waterloo.

You will always recognize an official WCC Trails Committee member by their bright orange “TRAIL CREW” shirts

Committee members are elected annually and meet once a month to plan work.  Otherwise, committee members can be found every day on the trails conducting trail maintenance and leading groups of volunteers in annual Trails Day activities.


  • Andy Cox
  • Clay Ditzend
  • Brent Ellis – Chair, Treasurer
  • Jeff Gardiner
  • Glen Johannesson
  • Jason Murdoch
  • Rafael Olejniczak
  • Ken Ruckstuhl
  • Steven Stillaway

*External Advisor – Marty Mayr (Trail Counters)


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