We are your community.
We ride together.  We teach each other.
We race next to one another.

Note: If you have any complications in the registration through CCN, please contact them directly 1-866-534-2453 or info@ccnbikes.com.

In the application process, you agree to all of the terms and conditions, which is “signing” the traditional waiver.  You will receive an electronic membership card as part of the email confirmation from CCN.

Youth under the age of 18 must have the waiver signed by a parent/guardian before the membership will be released.  The registration process will include details for emailing this waiver directly to the OCA.

Thank you and welcome aboard!

The Club’s activities are organized around 3, clear, guiding principles:


“The focus of the Corporation (Waterloo Cycling Club) is the development and support of competitive cyclists.  The Corporation provides programs for cyclists of all ages in pursuit of fitness, health and skill development.  The Corporation strongly promotes safe and responsible cycling.”   …WCC Bylaw

For our members, this boils down to three prime mandates.  RIDE, RACE & LEAD.  These 3 words capture the essence of WCC.  They provide a framework for the programs we run; the funding we allocate; the work of the volunteer’s; the issues that we advocate; and the inspiration to make WCC one of the best cycling clubs in Ontario.

RIDE:   The primary demand from the membership is for organized rides that allow each person to improve her/his fitness and advance their skills alongside others. Members see value in organized rides, camaraderie, coaching, challenge and safety that comes with being a member of an OCA-affiliated cycling club.   WCC is one of the largest clubs in Ontario with over 450 active members.  We pride ourselves on being inclusive and have a credo that no one gets left behind.

RACE:   Not everyone races. But, more members are testing their legs in competition.  As a result of the increased skill and strength developed on the trails; and speed and endurance earned on the road; 100’s of WCC members participate in organized cycling events.  This means cultivating higher level training and racing skills, encouraging faster groups and teams to enter races together, and financially supporting those who have a shot at doing something great in the sport of cycling while flying the WCC colours.  Official race team members are expected to provide ride leadership and skills development to others, to volunteer and advocate for cycling in the club and community, and to provide expert advice on sporting and technical aspects on-bike and on-line.

LEAD:   Leadership is simply about taking the initiative. Volunteering.  To lead a ride, build a trail, provide advice in a forum or advocate for safer roads.  WCC and its members have a real opportunity to build one of the best cycling communities in Canada. The trails are legendary with a reputation that draws riders from far beyond the Waterloo Region.  The Trails Committee and Trail Days provide the leadership and opportunity for us to make a difference in the enjoyment and stewardship of our environment.  Our race team will have an impact in the pelotons of Ontario and will “give back” as mentors and leaders at weekly rides. And every member can participate for Adopt-A-Road and sign up for one of our cycling event programs.

We are a perfect reflection of the community.  Our membership consists of students, lawyers, police, teachers, business people, locksmiths, and members from all walks of life who love to ride.  We develop leaders who run programs and we marshal people’s energy behind a shared vision of cycling as a positive force in society.  Join us as we Ride, Race, and Lead together on the roads and trails of the Waterloo Region.

WCC delivers cycling programs for all levels and disciplines. kids, novice, intermediate, advanced….MTB, CX, Road).
Increase fitness and skill.
WCC develops high performance rides
Increase # of members who participate in races, organized events and support those who can make it to the podium (Club “Training” Rides, Race Team, Club Team, Race Bursary, Sponsorship, OCA/Commissaries/Coaching)
WCC encourages leaders and volunteers to build trails, lead rides, advocate safety & cycling infrastructure grow & engage cycling community (on-line, public media, social events).
Increase the number of responsible passionate cyclists in the KW Region working to make cycling better, safer and more fun.


  • Youth (18 or under) = $15 + WCC pays OCA Fee*
    Please use code OCA17-WCCKIDS when prompted on checkout to apply discount.
  • Student or Seniors 55+= $25 + OCA Fee* = $65
  • Adult = $35 + OCA Fee*= $75

REQUIRED:  *OCA insurance fee = $40

The rationale for membership structure change is to make it easier for kids, youth and families to participate in the sport.  The rationale for the price increase is to return the membership fee to a level which funds existing and new programs, build trails and teams, offer spring and fall events, and build cycling on-line and in our community.

  • 450+ members
  • 7 ride programs (Learn to Group Ride, Kids, Women, Race Groups 1-5, Time Trial)
  • 30km of MTB trails
  • 2 Social events
  • Sponsor discounts
  • Road Rules, Safety & Advocacy
  • On-line community forum
  • Teaching and mentoring
  • Race Teams & Coaching

Step 1: Register a web account with WCC. (*Required*)

Step 2: Register a WCC club membership with CCN Bikes (OCA Affiliate)

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Note: If you have any complications in the registration through CCN, please contact them directly 1-866-534-2453 or info@ccnbikes.com.  Please note they are located in BC.