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    So, my good ol trusty 2001 mountain bike is starting to fall apart and it appears finding parts for bikes that old is remarkably difficult. Specifically, the 68×110 race face taperlock bottom bracket needs to be replaced. I couldn’t find any online so I bought a 68×110 Shimano UN55, however, it turns out that race face machines an ISO taper and Shimano uses JIS. So, putting my race face cranks onto the JIS Shimano BB caused my chain line to move in too far for the derailleur. Anyway, I’m on the hunt for either:
    a) a 68×110 race face taperlock bottom bracket with good bearings
    b) a 175 Shimano (Deore, SLX, XT) square taper crankset (also remarkably difficult to find)

    Anyone here have either of these laying around collecting dust? 🙂


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