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    Keith Peck

    It seems that whenever the City or Region temporarily close a road they position the Road Closed ahead signs in the bike lane.

    Come on local road crews – think about it!!! There is always a shoulder on the road where the sign wouldn’t impede cyclists.

    Or here’s an idea… the road crew should put the road closed ahead sign in the vehicle lane forcing traffic to swerve into another lane… What? A road worker would understand that these signs don’t belong in the vehicle lane. My point exactly. The road closed ahead signs do not belong in the bike lane either.

    Currently there are 2 signs in the University Avenue east bound bike lane near Westmount.

    I expect that come Monday they will get moved above the curb onto the shoulder of the road and out of the bike lane by one annoyed cyclist.


    Craig N

    Yes, this has been driving me nuts as well.

    There was one on Westmount going south towards University a few weeks ago (not sure if it’s still there) on the downhill that caught me by surprise. I had the choice between a quick lane change without a full shoulder check, or plowing my face directly into the huge sign blocking my lane. Luckily there was no car beside me. (Yes, I suppose my situational awareness could have been better in this situation. I’ve now added “random intentional obstacles” to my list of things that are trying to kill me on a bike ride)


    Keith Peck

    One of the two signs was not there (or maybe I didn’t remember how many signs there were correctly), but I did stop this morning and move the remaining sign out of the bike lane and up onto the curb.

    University Ave is supposed to be open again tomorrow so the sign would have been gone in a day without a need for someone to move it…

    But even on a damp and misty day there were two cyclists ahead of me at the location this morning who swerved into traffic to avoid the sign.

    The fact that the sign was a hazard to others and not just myself decided the point for me to move it and not wait.


    Keith Peck

    Once again this morning, I moved a road closed ahead sign onto the curb from where it was blocking the University Avenue east bound bike lane near Westmount this morning.

    Road crews must believe that motorists are the only ones who pay taxes?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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