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    We had TWENTY-TWO (22) card carrying WCC members racing at Kelso CycloCross yesterday.


    -Tabi F.
    -Laura C.
    -Taryn D.
    -Bob A.
    -Sylvia T.


    -Vance L. (Ciclo) – 1st place
    -Kevin G. – 3rd Place
    -Joel R.
    -Jeff P.
    -Rob D.
    -Alain F.
    -Carolyn S.
    -Adam G.
    -Chris Y.
    -Todd S.
    -Mark. B.


    -Scott W. (Novo)
    -Tom C.
    -Matt B.
    -Chris A.
    -Mark W.
    -Mat G.

    The best part was the new riders from Saturday CX testing out their newly acquired skills and drills. Laura, Taryn & Sylvia. Lead by Tabi (whoowhoo) and anchored by Bob.

    Here’s their start https://youtu.be/Ywx-_BNKIzU


    Here’s their first downhill run on lap 1.

    Great to see Tabi back, showing the way.


    Taryn. Having waaaay too much fun!

    And the 1 foot down technique.

    Sylvia looking serious.

    Also 1-foot down technique.

    And Bob, who was just too fast for the camera.


    If you haven’t figured it out yet. CX is all about the fun and friends. With 43 mins of suffering in between.



    Kevin Gibson

    Woohoo, that was a fun night, with huge turnout. The sport race was fun. With Chris A upgraded and Andrew M absent, I managed to hold on to 1st through all of the first lap. I think Vance was just staying on my wheel, learning the course, before he took off on lap 2.

    Chris Y gave me a run for my money on the holeshot, with our bars just inches away in the opening meters, and he got ahead of me, but I was able to go around before the fist turn and the mud pit.

    Alain – you said you wanted to stay ahead of Chris Y, Adam G, and Carolyn – looks like you accomplished your goal.

    Watching the first race was fun, nice to see Sylvia, Taryn and Laura going hard in their first cross race. I brought a box of timbits for handups – to ensure a proper ‘cross experience.

    Week by week, we’re all getting faster. It’s probably a combination of fitness and learning the course. Late in the race, one guy came around me, he applauded my cornering ability. I think it’s more a case of having already raced 30+ laps over the season rather than any natural cornering ability.

    So, we’ll see if going to Baseball cross Saturday afternoon and practicing gives me any help.



    It was awesome to get out last night and try a race. Surprisingly not as intimidating as I thought it would be; everyone in the novice group spaced out nicely right off the bat.

    It was great to have so many people cheering us on for our first race. Much appreciated! Next time I’ll try to hustle a little more so I’m not so smiley…



    Kevin…”the fist turn”. That’s a new name/strategy for the hole shot.

    I was trying to hold Vance off by faking a missed clip in, even though he passed me 50M later. But, not before Katie O. and I were side-by-side going into the hole shot behind you and Chris.

    Getting faster? I was only 2 second faster overall than last week. I think I’ve maxed out my learning curve. Some of us only get 4 laps per race!

    But with 5 days of rain coming, it’s a whole new course.


    Mark W

    That was something, largest club turnout I’ve ever seen there.

    Glad Sylvia, Taryn and Laura had fun. They even stuck around to cheer us on. We need to turn those cheers into heckles. We’ll work on that at practise.

    Looking forward to a potentially muddy Kelso next week.



    I can vouch that Sylvia is well on her way to most excellent heckling. As we stood at the top of the run-up, or -RIDE-UP- if you’re James or Vance!, she came out with ‘get back on your bike’! many, many times (obviously we didn’t need to say this to James or Vance, so we just cheered even louder) while ringing the cowbell enthusiastically. I think we were all horse by the end of the evening.

    Did you know Chris A runs REALLY fast up that hill!

    It was good to be out again.



    Awesome to see that many WCC members turn out!

    Sounds like some of you will be pleased, the lines were changing significantly tonight in the rain 🙂

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