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    I believe Trussler road is under construction between Cedar Creek and Drumbo Rd. Is there anyway for a cyclist to get across to Ayr from the west between this stretch?
    If not during the week, perhaps some cross action on the weekend?
    Just trying to do some route planning.



    Hey Matt

    You could head along Trussler Rd and turn left at Roseville Rd. Take the next right which will be a stop sign on the edge of Roseville, this will be Northumberland St. Then take this directly into Ayr. That’s one option. Or you could ride a bit more west to Blenheim Rd and take either Township Rd 10 or 11…both gravel…over to Trussler then find your way into Ayr from there.



    The second option would be ideal, but I’m wondering if Trussler is closed down where Rd 10 and 11 meet up with it and therefore you would not be able to get over to Ayr from there?



    As far as I’m aware Trussler is only really shut at the river bridges.

    You can either take township 11 which turns into greenfield. Or alternatively head south from township 10 and turning on Piper.

    Joel’s first option is good as well, Northumberland is on the busier side, but it is in reasonable condition with a small shoulder. if your looking for gravel there is a fair amount south of Ayr, there is a closed bridge of piper that ends up on Nith Road. A home owner has kinda claimed the old road allowance, but i know several of us have used the access.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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