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    john h

    My steel frame broke where the seat tube meets the bottom bracket. I want to replace it with a Cross Check. The internet says they fit big.

    To anybody that has one, do you find it fits big? I’m 6’4 and am wondering if a 60 will seem too big.




    John. We just started an email group called “The Single Speed Mafia” for all of us doing SS this year. I’ll add you on to that list, but really, we should have the discussions here, so as to arm-twist others to join the Mafia.

    As it turns out, we should really be called the “Surly Cross Check Squad” as half the group rides a Cross Check. Rob Daniels just picked one up and is building it this week. Jason Murdoch has one. As does Joel Lee. I tried Trevor’s on Saturday during the Big Ride. He did say that they fit large. I could ride his stretched out 52…and I’m a 58 (6’3″).



    john h

    Thanks Alain. Called around to a bunch of stores yesterday and there isn’t much in stock anywhere. I hope to find one soon. From what I heard about the surly longer top tube, 58 is my size.



    Corner case: I am 2 m tall and have a 64 cm Cross Check, pretty happy with the fit.




    I’m thinking of selling my 58cm Surly Straggler if you’re interested. It’s here at King Street Cycles. It’s currently set up 1 X 10, but easily converts to SS.




    For frame sizing I suggest you measure the reach and stack of your current frame, and compare to the published numbers from Surly. These measurements are what matter. And then verify the standover height (the top tube does not slope, though it’s apparently low, judging by the shortish head tubes).

    I have a Cross Check single speed I built a number of years ago. It’s not a light frame, the fork is heavy. The handling seems mediocre (though what do I know?) We’ve had good times together, but in hindsight it may have been better to put a little more money in for an actual cross frame from Ritchey or True North or Marinoni (which I did eventually 😉

    – Tim

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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