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    Hi folks,

    Who’s going to this and what wave are you registered in? I’m planning to register this week and would like to ride with a group of WCC’ers. (Leaning towards wave 1)




    Hey Chris

    I think you should be fine in wave 1
    I did this race last year in wave 2, but ended up catching up to some of the wave 1 people.
    We’ve had a plan last year to ride in a group as WCC and work together etc. I think that lasted for about a kilometer before the whole front of the group just exploded and I didn’t see anyone until after the race.
    Maybe you can hang onto a group of WCC riders and work together but I wouldn’t count on it much. That rail trail section at the beginning (and at the end) of the race will do a good job at separating any sort of group formations 🙂

    I did not register this year because I’ve been off the bike far too long and it doesn’t look like any miracles will happen between now and March so there is no point for me.
    Have fun ! 🙂



    planning this as a c-category event so I might be there… last year wasn’t that much fun, though



    Thanks guys. Why wasn’t it fun last year? Were conditions bad? I was going to treat it like a hard training ride and not go too crazy. (though I’ll probably abandon that plan and hammer it once I’m in the group lol)

    Is it chip timed?



    Considering doing this as a ‘warm up’ to Paris-Ancaster, but haven’t decided yet. Not sure I went to spend the money on a ‘race’ or just ride.




    It is chip timed yes.
    I suggest you find the old race report thread about it and read some of the race reports for more details and pictures. 🙂



    I’ve signed up. I did W2 last year and am doing the same this year. Those slushy/snowy rail trails really beat me up last year. I think this was the least fun part for a lot of people. From just fighting to keep the bike upright (I had slicks :/), my shoulders were more sore than my legs at the end. Don’t bring slick tires. I really enjoyed it, though.

    It’s a great race – looking forward to it.



    Just a reminder to all those on the fence about registering for Steaming Nostril – today is the last day for the earlybird rate. Prices go up $15 tomorrow. Details at: http://www.cyclewaterloo.com/steaming-nostril/registration/

    You can get a good feel for the ‘fun’ here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwWnCXFu4b8

    As many people have noted, the soggy conditions on the return portion of the rail trail made this definitely the hardest part in 2013. As I was cramping up and bouncing sideways I remember thinking “no way I’ll do this again”. 5 minutes after I finished and was enjoying a hot bowl of chili I remember thinking “sign me up for 2014…that was amazing”! Funny how the brain works…



    I just registered for wave 2 as last year’s race was just fantastic. It was tough but just like Brent I would have registered for 2014 minutes after finishing.




    Malcolm are you watching this thread?
    *hint setup registration boxes for the 2015 SN at the finish line of the 2014 race 😀



    A veritable “exit through the gift shop” if you will.



    Maybe one of those pictures like you get on the log ride you buy afterward?



    I’m now registered in wave 2



    Tom, can you photoshop in SN cyclists on top of a log ride? I smell a moneymaker here… 😉



    Thanks to all for registering so far for Steaming Nostril. Certainly we’re going to do our best to get the Rail Trail in the best conditions possible.
    As many of you know last year we had to snow blow the trail out and skim plow it with a soft touch of sand on top. We’ll do our best again this year, if needed, with our plow partner and will be monitoring the Rail Trail and temperature conditions closely leading up to March 23. Hope everyone keeps up the winter training March 23 is going to be fun. Cheers Malcolm & Blake

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