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    Starting a new thread so as not to hijack Jon’s effort at selling his beautiful 1993 Marinoni. http://waterloocyclingclub.ca/forums/topic/1993-marinoni-road-special-55cm

    It’s winter. The forum is slow. Figured we could start a fun thread down memory lane, with an eye to the future.

    “Show us your old bike and the story that goes with it.”

    I received my first road bike in the mid-70’s as a Birthday gift. it was a Silver 5 speed, followed quickly by a CCM 10 speed. Then I saw something that changed everything.

    Breaking Away in 1979.


    Back then there was no VHS or cable TV. So, I went to the theatre and watched the movie again and again on 25-cent Tuesdays. a year or two later, I walked into Gibson’s Sports with my Father and bought my first “quality” 12 speed.

    It was 1982-83 Peugout Sprint. Which I still have today.

    Peaugeot 1

    It still has many of the original parts. I warped the wheels trying to track stand in the mid-80’s. So, I asked my parents to drive me into a bike shop while we were visiting Toronto. They took me to Pedlar’s on Avenue road, where I asked them to build a set wheels using Ambrosio Durex rims. Here they are.


    I recall agonizing over the size of the cassette. I decided on a 6 speed corn-cob cluster in 1-tooth increments….12-13-14-15-16-17

    That was 30+ years ago.

    Peugeot Cassette

    Our high school actually had a cycling club. So, I joined.

    I bought a set of red Christophe toe straps with clips, a set of leather Miele racing shoes. I also broke the rear derailleur at one point and replaced it with a shiny Shimano 600 and wrapped the bars in yellow TdF cinelli ribbon tape. Other than that, everything is still original, right down to the cables and brake pads.

    I plan to ride this bike in the spring classic put on by la Bicicletta which starts right here in KW.


    I hope you will share pics of your bikes, work on them over the winter and join me in the spring for a celebration of classic cycling.



    Here I am at L’Eroica October 2015 the day before the race in Gaiole in Chianti sporting wcc colors. This is in front of the L’Eroica café (the sign is cut of the top of the picture). There are hundreds of vendors of vintage bike regalia – really cool vibe. I did not/could not do the race but being there and discovering the event might be enough inspiration to find my old Peugeot and get it ready for la bicicletta May.




    That’s an awesome story Alain 🙂

    My story is short and not very glamorous…

    One of my best friends Joel introduced me to road cycling in 2012 and let me ride his Cannondale Synapse around his neighbourhood in Stittsville Ontario.
    I was amazed at how efficient the bike was compared to my old mountain bike, how easily you could accelerate, the speed, the handling. It reminded me of being a kid flying around on my BMX bike. I was hooked…

    Shortly after that ride I picked up a 2011 58cm Trek Madone 4.5 on sale at Ziggy’s (previous years model), joined the club and that was the start of it all 🙂



    Joe C.

    I don’t own it anymore and of the 3 bikes I owned in the 80s, this is the only one I have a picture of….

    86 Bianchi Campioni di Italia. It came with Campy which I switched out to a more maintainable Shimano groupset. Check out the fine wood paneling in my parents basement!



    The Bianchi is beautiful, Joe.

    Nice pic, James. My brother-in-law has done http://eroica.cc/ for the past two years.

    For a closer look, Strava covered L’Eroica as a Photo Essay this year.

    Finally, if anyone has any older bikes or advice on where to find older parts (e.g. Recycle cycles), please let us know.

    I’d like to keep my bike as original as possible, but some parts may need replacing. Looking for drilled brake levers and downtube shifters.


    dr. locktopus

    I had been bitten by the cycling bug at an early age (8-10 years old). At this time the old KW crit race was running downtown and my dad’s had an old unimpressive drop bar bike that I was in love with.

    My family had taken a trip into Toronto to see a Blue Jays game and we had taken a trip into Old Firehall Sports. I picked up my first real cycling cap on that trip. An Ultima cap in PDM colours. Since that day I had been dreaming about a Concorde in PDM colours.

    Late this past summer I came across a Concorde Aquila on Kijiji in PDM colours. It wasn’t a Ciocc built Columbus SL/SLX frame, but it was still Columbus tubing (Aielle) and was equipped with a mix of Shimano 600 and Dura-Ace 7400.

    I tore apart the whole thing, replaced the tires, cables, chain and jockey wheels and it shifts like new. It could use a bearing repack and a true in the rear, but other than that it’s pretty perfect.



    Very nice.

    Funny how the recollections of youth underpin the builds.

    My build has come along nicely with the help of Jamie at McPhails. I’m just waiting for replacement gum hoods for the brake levers.

    I’ve given up on keeping the 100% original (but tatered) parts and started contemplating putting on a new saddle with matching bar tape and red cable housing for a bit of fun and bling. Also replaced the skinny 22mm Panaracers with softer, wider 28mm Vittoria’s.

    Everything else will remain original.

    I contemplated replacing the brake calipers for better stopping power, but when I was cleaning the Weinmann brake caliper I noticed the arm was stamped with, “Brake made in Western-Germany”. Had to keep that #vintage old school.


    dr. locktopus

    Yeah, you can’t get rid of those bits of history.

    The previous owner had taken minimal care of it and the rim strips were not rim strips at all, but a couple of layers of duct tape.

    The rims are mismatched (one is an ambrosio, the other is a mavic rim), but I’ll be using it to grab coffee and have some fun on rather than serving as a restoration show piece. If I find a frame with SLX tubing I may have to build it with modern Campy.

    My bike is a little too modern for L’Eroica, but it would be a pleasure to take part in one of their events in the future.



    I dropped a line to Labicicleta about their vintage bike race. No reply, yet. But, Inception Cyclery has such an event.

    You know…as President with “Staff/Organizer” classification on my UCI License….if we ever want to put on such a simple, grass roots event ourselves, it would be easy.

    On your mismatched rims issue…. I discovered that my handbuilt wheels are different sizes!…700c back and 27″ front! Jamie had to source two different sizes of the same tire to make it all happen. That’s not as easy as you think. Meant I could not have the gum walls I wanted. Also the rim tape was an old Michelin plastic strip. These builds are like peeling back the layers of an old house. You never know what you’re going to find!





    I called the owner of Labicicletta, Henry, to inquire about his event this Spring. He’ll check with the local organizer to see if he wants to do it again.

    I suggested that through this thread and a general rallying of the troops, we may be able to bring enough people together to make it worth his while.

    So, now all we need is to hear from everyone else who has an old school bike from the 80’s and is interested in rambling around together in May in an attempt to celebrate cycling and recapture our youth in a fun throwback ride. Why not? 🙂




    I would do it.
    ’96 steel Marinoni, Campy Chorus



    dr. locktopus

    Depending on when it’s happening in may I would definitely be interested.



    Looks like a few options on PinkBike: filter by “1980s”…


    Roy Conway

    I have to go back at least 75 years to recall the first bike I owned in the UK., suitable for riding on public roads. It was I believe a beat up Rudge my brother had relived from a local ironmongers scrap yard. He cleaned it up, added some rubber and presented it to me as a birthday gift. I think I rode that thing for about 5 years before I got my first new bike, a Raleigh Lenton Club.
    I got my first real “lightweight” road bike in 1949, a P.T. Stallard which I sold before I came to Canada.
    Since rediscovering cycling here in Waterloo, I have owned many bikes, most of which are illustrated here… https://www.flickr.com/photos/16247947@N06/ … Most of these were the product of my hobby since retirement, of building them from scratch with frames and components purchased on eBay. Except for one Masi, which I still own and ride, all were resold for a small profit.




    Well Roy, you’ve reminded us all that although bikes have come a long way in the last 75 years, the joy of being out on the road on a bike, any bike, is timeless. I’ll bet you had as much fun on your Rudge and P.T.Stallard as you do on your current Merckx!

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