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    Excellent turnout tonight and new appreciation of the great job that Brian has done over the years.
    I have the start times and finish times, just need to match them to riders, I have the first half dozen, but once the group of six came in together I could not keep up.
    A Strava segment has been created so if everyone that recorded their ride could upload it I should be able to fill in the blanks.




    Thanks Mike for filling in for Brian and Jeff. (And Gary for manning the turnaround)

    Timing is definitely a two man job especially with the bunches of riders coming through. 🙂

    Big thanks everyone who came out to the new location. The course is quite nice and more challenging than Crowsfoot with the rollers. Pavement quality is great and the turnaround was nice and wide.

    Hoping to have the results up tomorrow night. (I’ll repost on Twitter)

    If people would like to provide feedback on the course that would be great.



    Susan J

    Yes, thanks Mike and Gary!

    I thought the course was great! Well done, whoever came up with it. Yeah, it’s not flat like Crowsfoot, but the pavement quality was much better, and despite the hills I think visibility for cars was better, because it’s more open.

    The turnaround space was generous which is more forgiving for those of us who are still working on some handling skills in that area. Being at a T, and I think the road being gravel if you turned left, I imagine there’s fairly small chance of traffic interference at the turnaround.

    The traffic back-up at the church was interesting, but I’ve gotta think that was a bit of a fluke.

    I found the traffic we did encounter to be very courteous and patient.

    Beautiful evening. I appreciated the opportunity to be out there.



    I really like the new course, despite some first-time complications all around. The hills made pacing far more difficult, and that was good. The turnaround was excellent, but the climb shortly after the turnaround was not. The pavement was great but I guess the Crowsfoot pave is going to be even better soon.

    I also learned an important fact about my setup, and that is that I can accidentally turn off my garmin while pushing to the finish. So… please, please, please let’s do this course again so I can at least get on the leaderboard 😉

    Thanks to all involved in getting this together!




    Results are posted:


    Sorry about the mix-up, 13 riders finishing within a minute threw me off.
    I have the start times and all the finish times.
    I got the first five.
    I got a bunch off the Strava segment, but it is a bit short so those times are off a couple of seconds.
    That left seven, the orange ones, to fill in.
    Some people remembered who was around them and I recalled some.
    I hope this is correct, next time two timers and one minute gaps…
    If you think that your time is off let me know and we can have a look.

    Thanks to Gary for the keeping the turnaround safe and Chris for the nice new route.





    Thanks a lot for the race. I liked this course more than the crowsfoot road, since it is more challenging.

    On a side note, I think Premraj had a TT bike, and Brian was using aero-bars on a road bike if that counts as aero.



    Thanks Hadi,

    I noticed that as well. Aerobars put you in the aero category.




    What a night to go fast.

    WCC TT Results Aug 10 2017

    A new TT course launched last night. It’s the entire length of Deborah-Glaister to the end T-intersection and back. But unlike the Crowsfoot airstrip….DG has a few bumps.
    TT Route

    18 People out. Including Dave Frake who flew by me going uphill at 50kph.





    Still rock’in my 2004 LAVA machine.


    Steve Hart (in the LapDogs kit) is the Manager of their CX team and came out for his very first TT. I’ve never seen a guy more jazzed and addicted to the rush after the Race OF Truth. He’s hooked!


    # of the Smiling Tiger Crew were out. Vance, Scott & Susan.

    Simon rocked it last night. Should do, as he’s doing IronMan Tremblant this month.


    Bit of a nightmare for Mike and Gary as people were cresting the last hill together and sprinting for the line 5 wide. Need some race numbers to take out the guess work. Ben was on a pure road bike, not aero. It was Premraj who had the full Novo TT aero machine...so need to swap the asterisk with Ben.

    All and all, a heavenly experience.


    Susan J

    I should be marked down as aero too.

    Great pics Alain!



    Two more updates for the “Aero” column. Based on Alain’s photos, Ben didn’t use aero, and Jason used aero.



    Great pics 🙂

    I have race numbers here at home that I picked up last year. We can certainly use them…it’ll be easier writing down a 3 digit number versus a name that’s for sure.


    Craig N

    I was chatting to a couple people at the TT about these wind tunnel tests by Specialized (specifically the Beard / No Beard), and thought they might be of interest to everyone: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcmaLnqmqDnmn_bCR0RJ-soSCDKCKR97t



    A few more thoughts from here…

    1. The StacZero guys have some sort of virtual wind tunnel scheme that captures a 3D scan of you on your bike and then (presumably) does some CFD around your scan. Cody Beals talks about it now and then – https://twitter.com/cfbeals/status/768418708985303040?lang=en

    2. If it’s of any interest to help with the finish line difficulties (which will never, ever repeat given the attention) – I can offer a GoPro on a tripod to use as a fallback for getting the finish order.


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