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    The Region of Waterloo will be piloting a network of separated bike lanes next year.

    There is a public consultation tomorrow night, December 14, at the Waterloo Public Library (main branch).



    Craig N

    On a related note, at a recent gravel grinder we were discussing the new separated bike lanes on King St, and how everyone is parking cars on them. We were wondering why this wasn’t being enforced quickly, so that it wouldn’t become a habit.

    I spoke to a friend who is a transportation technologist with the region, and although he wasn’t working on King St, he said that it could just be a case of construction getting ahead of the bylaws. If the new bylaws only allowing parking on only one side of the street haven’t worked their way through the system yet, then there is technically nothing to enforce.

    Hopefully soon!



    That was great.

    If it wasn’t for you Steve, I would have missed this opportunity. Never doubt the power of posting something in this forum.

    I walked the presentation with Scott Weldon (who rode his bike, of course) and we chatted with the consultants about the designs and gave them our take. I emailed Giles and he showed up with his daughter. Mike Boos and a few other usual suspects were there. Not a huge turnout, but, every voice counts. I voted for the separated bike lanes using concrete flower planters as the separation barriers. Most did, as well.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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