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    I need some help and don’t know where to turn. This past summer I got back into cycling and went from 0-100 doing over 2000k in July/August ( even led the WCC Strava group in KM one week :). Mid way through August, I began developing a pain deep inside my perennial region. I would take a few days off and it would start to feel better, but I would get back on the bike and it would be come right back after the ride. I kept pushing through, which was a mistake. Now 5 months since I last rode, I am still dealing with this dull aching pain, sometimes it will feel as though it is getting better than the next day I am back at square one. I went to my general practitioner, but there were of little assistance. He sent me for an ultrasound for a hernia, but that wasn’t it.

    I am not sure what caused it. I ride a Specialized Power saddle that I had professionally fit, including having it pressure mapped to be sure no pressure was being put on the perineum area. While riding I felt no pain, only after the fact. Initially when I started cycling a few years ago, I experianced a pain in my perineum because of a poorly fitting saddle. It would be tender on the outside and very sore to the touch. This is different. Putting pressure on the area does not cause any additional pain. I don’t have any other issues besides the dull aching pain.

    Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? Any advice would be appreciated.



    I definitely am no Doctor. But my suggestion if you have not gotten a diagnosis is to go to a Physiotherapist. I thought I was dealing with a hernia back in July. Masseuse said it wasn’t. Did not go away. 3 mos later she said I better go get it checked, as a pulled muscle should not take this long to heal. Doctor confirmed it was NOT a hernia, but did not diagnosis it correctly. Prescribed some Ibuprofin which I did not take. I went to Physiotherapists, Andrew W. at SOS on Belmont Ave in Dec. He came up with a different diagnosis than my GP. Determined my right SI joint was not moving, one leg was longer than the other and adjusted me. 2nd visit was some dry needling Also prescribed stretches and I am 80% better. Pain is my abdomen is almost ttly gone Good luck.



    +1 for physio.

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