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    Hi everyone,

    Gabriel and I will be co-leading the Intermediate Fondo this week. The forecast is currently sunny, a brisk 5 degrees at the start of the ride rising to 10 degrees by noon with a 15-20 km/hr North wind, so dress accordingly. We will start at the usual 9:30am start time – other general details here: http://waterloocyclingclub.ca/road/rides/wccsaturdayfondo

    We are proposing a route which is 80kms in total, with the first half predominantly into the wind or a head/crosswind, and the second half with a tailwind or tail/crosswind. If time permits we will stop at the Country Sisters bakery (their pecan tarts are great!) at about the 40kms mark for a quick refuel/bathroom break/water refill. But, if the group consensus is that 80kms is too long for an early season ride we can easily shorten the ride to about 65kms by returning via Macton/Linwood rather than Millbank. We’ll take a quick poll at the ride start and then make a decision, so you’ll know in advance what the plan is.

    Here’s the route: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/1537775830



    Thanks for the ride on Saturday guys.

    As it turned out I guess I did not have the legs for the 80km route, while I managed to finish the ride (and get home) those hills on Hessen Strasse were quite painful – Thanks for waiting at the stop signs for me too. Next time I will make sure I don’t hit the gym in the days before a big ride. Or I could blame Chris’s massive effort after the bakery stop 😉
    One thing I remembered on that ride was that when the quads are burnt out the hamstrings can be used to bring you home.




    Ah yes, the hills on Hessen Strasse…funny how they grow over winter and shrink by mid-summer 😉 And it was hard not to get caught up in the adrenaline of cruising along for 10 kms at 39-42 kms/hr with that amazing tailwind after the bakery stop!

    One thing we’ll emphasize in the Intermediate group in future weeks is communication. Not just the standard things like pointing out potholes, saying “last rider” and “clear” as people pull through, but also longer term issues like “my legs have just exploded and I’m going to sit on your wheel for a few kms” or “I need to back off my speed to make sure I make it home/up those last 4 hills”. Most of us have had the bonk/tired legs syndrome many times before, and I’ve personally had to sit on the back wheel of stronger riders many, many times in order to make it home or avoid cramping. We’re a no drop group and there will always be someone willing to work with other group members to make sure everyone gets home.

    Looking forward to the next Intermediate Fondo! We’ll try to post the route by Thursday evening of each week.



    Hey, Dan. I can relate to what Brent is saying as we all go through those days (especially this early on the season). I have been hauled back home by stronger riders or got dropped out many times. The main thing is that we crazy cyclists seem to love this because we all come back harder and more frequently to the rides :).
    You pulled some serious efforts in the first part of the ride and you endured to the end, which is great.
    I like Brent’s suggestion that we can more openly communicate if we are having difficulties so we can all help each other and work as a team.
    Hope to see you soon.

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