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    Anybody else think that the LRT work in uptown Waterloo has made cycling there worse than before? Caroline used to have a nice bike lane, but now it’s just two very narrow driving lanes and an extra wide sidewalk. I was hoping for better on King street, but it ended up more of the same – two narrow driving lanes and and extra wide sidewalks. Do they want cyclists on these sidewalks slash multi-use paths? That’s a bad idea for many reasons.

    Without dedicated bike lanes and such narrow driving lanes it’s basically impossible for a car to follow the one-metre passing law without venturing mostly into the other lane. As a rider, it’s a take-the-lane necessity, but novice cyclists don’t always feel comfortable with that.

    It’s a shame that bike infrastructure has taken such a major hit in this area as a result of the LRT changes.


    Joe C.

    On the flip side, I like the bike lanes on Northfield. Looking forward to getting out for Tuesday night after having to take a year off.



    It was ‘fun’ navigating LRT construction zones this year, with the rather smug knowledge that the fastest way around town was by bicycle. Now, it’s probably the diciest way to go – particularly King St (and Caroline – though there is a cleverly concealed bikeway on the other side of the tracks). This is my regular route so I just give ‘er ’til I hit William St…cars can wait.

    I rode down King near Allen just after it opened up and was surprised/scared/horrified to see the dogleg the tracks and road make in front of the DQ. To avoid getting wheels stuck in the rails, a rider needs to cut across the road from the left to right shoulder to make sure you have enough of an angle crossing the tracks – and there isn’t even a sign to warn cyclists!!



    I thought there was one of those signs showing a cyclist doing an endo at Allen like the one shown in this tweet,

    On the way home from gymnastics we were laughing at the new #ionlrt comics, then chatted about crossing rails at right angles #kwbikes pic.twitter.com/N6m6237CI6 Berlin Bicycle Café (@berlinbikecafe) 2 December 2016

    As for the lane width, it seems the more narrow the better. It seems to slow down the cars a bit and there is no way not to take the lane and the motorists normally understand that.

    The narrowest part on King in Uptown is only about a block and a half. Then continuing north it should be into the segregated bike lanes that should be built next spring when they continue the Uptown upgrade.

    I’m hoping to see sharrows on King and Caroline in the spring.

    There are some options through the side streets that can be combined with the Iron Horse Trail and Spur line if you leave a little extra time for all the stops. Things are not perfect, but it seems like we are heading in the right direction.



    The extra narrow lanes run all the way from Erb and Caroline down to Allen and Caroline Vincenzo’s). That is a long way to “take the lane” and not appropriate cycling infrastructure for more novice riders. The extra, extra wide sidewalk on the east side of King in updtown is ridiculous. Should have been less sidewalk and some sort of bike lane. So far, Waterloo is not big on sharrows so doubt we will see those. This area is a major step backwards for cycling in the region!!

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