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    Jason has registered an official ride starting at 9 AM, Monday – 22 May 2017 from the St. Jacob’s market.

    Dawn will lead a recreational group in the range of approximately 50 km. Route to follow.

    If there is someone interested in leading a faster or longer group, post here. Both groups don’t need to follow the same route. If you would like some route suggestions, post the general direction and I can provide a suggested route.

    This will resemble,


    You must be a 2017 member of Waterloo Cycling Club. Register here:


    Note: If there is still interest in a Monday evening ride, that can still go, but we would need a ride leader. A volunteer should post a separate post with details. If nobody volunteers, the Monday evening ride will be cancelled.

    Have a great weekend!


    Kevin Gibson

    I can lead a faster/longer ride on Monday. I’ll post a route, hopefully by Saturday afternoon. I’ll aim for something a little longer, hopefully with a bakery stop somewhere along the way.



    Kevin, Why am I not surprised by your bakery stop? 🙂
    I will do my best to join you guys.
    Cheers and enjoy your weekend


    Kevin Gibson

    I have a route planned. It`s a little long, mostly because I felt like going south for a change, and we have to get through the city first.

    We`ll use the Laurel and Iron hose trails to get through town. Then through Homer Watson park and over the 401 at Conestoga College. Up the climb on Langdon Drive, then south to Sudden forest for some trail fun. Then mostly west, past Ayr (we can detour into town if needed) Then we head mostly north, crossing the Nith river a few times, with a potential stop in Plattsville. There looks to be some forested trails in Baden I would like to see, then we are on mostly paved roads on the way back, aside for the gravel descent on Wilmot line.

    At km 53, there is a bridge across the Nith that may or may not work – it`s an adventure ride, right?




    That looks awesome.

    Now, to choose the bike…

    Single Speed? CX Race Rig? Tandem? or 1982 Vintage?



    Looks great, Kevin. Thanks for putting this together. Looking forward to the ride.
    FYI, there are no nice bakeries in Plattsville:) . The Trail Edge Tavern offers good American style food but I don’t think we want to have a full meal during the ride or stop for too long.
    At best it would be a good stop for refilling water bottles and light snacks.
    See you all tomorrow.


    Susan J

    So the bridge in Ayr… I played the just-how-closed-is-this-road? game about a year-and-a-half ago. Haven’t gone that way since. I wish it was a better option, because I live just north of Ayr and ride Nith Rd a lot.

    You actually have to hike along the edge of a short stretch of private property to get to the bridge, and it does say it’s closed to pedestrians–which I take to mean the township doesn’t maintain or safety inspect it in any way, so if you fall through a rotten plank, you’re on your own. There may also have been a fence you had to lift your bike over–don’t quite remember.

    But, as you said, it is an adventure ride!



    That bridge is intact. I take it quite often. It does, however, kind of feel like you’re riding through someone’s front lawn.



    I would also suggest you take Brant Waterloo rd instead of Glen Morris Rd from Beke – it’s more fun and gravel and less busy.


    Mark W

    I wanted to put in at least 100km on Monday and this will be more fun than a road ride. See everyone in the morning!


    Kevin Gibson

    Route updated. I switched to Bant-Waterloo Road instead of Glen Morris from Beke. Bant Waterloo is not marked on gravelmap.com. I do like the descent on W River rd, but it is a little loose and sketchy.

    Also cut out the bridge at Ayr – probably best not to cross someone’s lawn, especially with all our WCC kits. Jason could get some angry e-mails… We can save the “adventure” for Sudden Forest and the Wilmot Recreation Complex trails (if they work…)

    Yeah, with a holiday tomorrow, our cafe/bakery choices will probably be limited. Likely going to be convenience store gatorade and twinkies…

    Alain, your commitment to singlespeed is fantastic. I prefer my SSCX in 45 minute doses, not 5 hours. Next week is Turas Mor, so your vintage will get its time in the sun.



    I’m in!

    I will hop on at Glasgow and the Iron Horse Trail!



    Here is the route for Dawn’s recreational adventure,


    Expect a pace around 19 kph and a stop for Coffee and Treats at the Berlin Bike Cafe – they are open tomorrow! 🙂



    I’m hoping to catch on with you guys at Roseville Rd/Whistle Bare area around 10am. If I’m not there carry on.



    Just watched Kill Bill,tonight.

    And so Gibson-san. My weapon of choice.

    Will be my KindHumam Kudu.

    Arigato Gosaimas.

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