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    Somehow I’ve drifted away from sport cycling the last little while, and fell into running. I’m still riding a modest amount, but mostly touring or commuting. This year I’m hoping to return to the sport. I nearly didn’t join WCC this year since I’ve always been lousy about making it out to group rides, but what the heck. I think running is still going to be my main focus, but I miss riding country roads! I’d love to get back onto hydrocut, but that would require another bike…

    I have a few questions:

    1. Can someone recommend a good bike fitter? I think there is room to dial in my geometry a bit. It’s been set by eye and feel and isn’t terrible right now, but I don’t have an easy way of trying different stem lengths or bar widths, and my cleat placement is mostly a wild guess.
    1a. Can bike fitters help you pick a saddle, or is it just about geometry? I am quite ready to invest in a good saddle from a local shop, but I really wish I could try out a saddle for a few days before buying. Short of that a proper measurement would be good. I tried it myself at home and have a rough sit bone width number – is that all I need?

    2. Does wheel dish matter on a training wheel? I’ve got an old ultegra/open pro wheel that I bought from a fellow WCC member a while back. I, uh, did some stuff to it, including dropping a chain and gouging some spokes really badly. It’s back in true now and seems to be holding, and I’ve retired it from outside use. But there is noticeable offset with the dish. I guess I could try to fix it, but it’s not rubbing any stays. Does it matter if I’m just using it for a trainer wheel?

    3. Is it possible to upgrade my OCA licence later in the year, if I figure I want to try an OCup or two? I really don’t think I’m ready right now. Just have the minimum citizen licence for WCC membership.

    4. When signing up, I read there was a google group that would be replacing these forums. Can’t seem to find the group, though.




    Hi Mohan!

    I don’t think the new forums are active quite yet.

    1. Yes: Hugh at True North Cycles near Belwood – he’s a frame builder, and the associated The Bicycle Tailor shop in Fergus.

    I believe you can buy bike fitting assessments at K-W shops, like Ziggy’s.

    I have some credentials and am happy to offer basic fit advice 🙂 Contact me at my WCC user-id @yahoo.ca

    There are well known parameters and rules to get your fit fairly close, and that’s all most people need. Cleat placement in particular is fairly straightforward for most cases. Bar width etc. can be calculated.

    1a. I think the sit bone measurement is the most important – the saddle must be that wide. Having a cutout seems like a good idea. You should start with the saddle completely level. It shouldn’t be too soft. Other than that, it’s your preference. I’ve found that every saddle I’ve tried has been fine for me. Other people purchase multiple ones before they find something they like.

    2. It’s always best to have a properly centred and evenly tensioned wheel. I’d have to see the wheel to give you a useful assessment. That said, it seems a wheel on a trainer is not subject to all the loads encountered on the road, so you can probably get away with a less sound wheel. Note though that trainers usually specify the wheel be centred on the roller and in the same plane.

    – Tim 🙂



    Tim! Thanks for your reply! I assumed this thread was a goner.

    I made a few other inquiries outside of this thread and will be getting a fit done next week on my road bike. Thank you for your kind offer to help.

    The saddle – I’m not sure why I’ve waited so long to replace it. The Fizik Ardea that came stock on my bike is really not working for me. Hopefully I won’t need to buy many saddles to find the right one…

    Andy at King Street Cycles ended up fixing the dish on my wheel, so I guess I’ll never find out if it was going to be a problem for the trainer!

    Hope to meet you on the road,



    Hey Mohan,

    I’m going to add my $0.02 in this subject.

    1. Bike fitters are all good in the area. I have used Alex at Ziggy’s for my latest one. VERY competent and fixed my issue with the new bike. I’m quite happy with his service. I believe it’s Jamie at McPhail’s (I’m sorry if I got the name wrong buddy), is Specialized certified. Excellent fitting and very thorough. I used him a few years ago.
    Any and all shops should have fitter available. Some have done added education on fitting and will be more expensive, but if you’re having issues with injuries, then it is recommended to get a very precise fit done to correct any faults.
    1a. Yes the fitter will work with you on getting a good saddle. During the fitting they should allow you to try out different saddles. You should notice and IMMEDIATE difference between saddles (I know I did).
    For me… a saddle with the cut-out in the middle has made riding SOOOOO much more comfortable. However, saddles are a very personal choice… you definitely need to try them out first. Some of the shops do have loaner saddles you can try out, so you don’t have to purchase a number of saddles to find your perfect fit. I’m not 100% certain, but I think Ziggy’s may have some… and possibly McPhail’s. I truly believe this should be a standard service offered… but I think is not something many shops could afford to do. It is possible that the manufacturers offer this as a service to the shops?
    2. No advice… except don’t try to ride that wheel outside. I see it’s fixed, but would definitely think twice about trusting it out on the roads.
    3. OCA license… I’m not certain about upgrading mid-season. I think it is possible, but would require you paying extra fees to have a new license created and sent to you. For most people the citizen license is enough to get you into riding with the club, and for the various Fondo’s and citizen events. If you’re planning on racing at some point, then it’s advised you purchase the racing license at the beginning of the year. If you upgrade, you would need to do it weeks in advance of the event (4+ to make sure you get it in time) or else you have to pay rush fees… and have to worry about not getting it in time.
    4. Google group will come with the new web-page design that is in the offing. Not there yet, but it is in the works.

    Great to hear you’re coming back to the “Light Side”! 😉 LOL (running is the Dark Side… at least in my world).
    See you on the roads.



    Hi Kev,
    Thanks for the note!

    KSC definitely got me in the right ballpark when I bought the bike a couple years ago. They recommended I try somewhere else (e.g. Ziggy’s) when I walked in recently looking for a more dialed in fit.

    It’s a good point about trying test saddles from local shops – I’ll look into it this week. And thanks for the tip about needing to get the licence arranged early. I’ll wait until group rides in the spring to decide if I’m really ready to try an OCup…

    Looking forward to the new site!




    Hi Mohan,

    Glad to hear you will be riding with us.

    I loaded the Google Groups this evening. You should have received a announcement in the general public group.




    Hi Mohan!

    That sounds good! 🙂

    I have a couple of saddles on hand in my shop that you could try. They are Selle Italia, because, well, that’s what I’ve chosen and they have plenty of cutout options. I also have a few bar and stem combinations from custom build work. Don’t hesitate to email if that might be helpful.

    Ha ha – Kev, indeed, I’m not sure why someone would run when they can ride ;-D

    – Tim 🙂

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