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    Hi folks,

    Our first WCC club TT is this Thursday May 4th. Registration starts at 6:45 and the first rider is off at 7pm.

    For those racing O-Cups this will be a great tune up / gear check for the Racetiming O-Cup TT this coming Saturday.

    Link with details and map here: http://waterloocyclingclub.ca/road/rides/thursday-time-trial.

    Thanks and see you there!




    Hi folks,

    Due to the bad weather forecast for tomorrow night we are going to cancel tomorrow’s WCC Crowsfoot ITT. (Cold, and heavy rain forecast)

    We are working to determine if we can hold it next week. I’ll post here with an update once we confirm.

    Any questions let us know…




    Hi everyone,

    We are a go for this Thursday May 11th 🙂

    6:45pm registration, first rider off at 7pm.

    See you there!




    Thanks to everyone that came out tonight, we had a great turnout. ~25 people 🙂

    Thanks to Kevin for timing, Jeff for holding and Gary for manning the turnaround.

    Couple of observations:
    – Having the start at 7pm was MUCH better traffic wise. Probably 1/4 the usual traffic
    – We kept the same start and turnaround and it seemed to work well.

    Results will be posted later by Kevin. Awesome night and looking forward to the next one!

    Jason took a few pictures of folks at the start line. I’ll connect with him regarding getting them uploaded here.



    Jason Ernst

    Sent the pics via fb as I don’t know how to upload photos here.


    Craig N

    Thanks to everyone who ran and organized this! The traffic was definitely much better (except for the buggy!), but it was still nice to have Gary at the turnaround to alert us to any traffic from behind.

    That headwind was pretty brutal on the way out, but I sure felt like a rock star on the way back in!



    Not sure if this will work…I created the post as public on Facebook.

    Link to pictures here 🙂



    Craig N

    Yep, I can see them! Thanks!



    Results are posted:


    Thanks to all that helped make this possible.




    Good morning folks,
    Sorry for the delay in getting the results posted… we had a difficult time matching times to people, so if your time isn’t what you expected, let me know and we’ll make corrections. There were a number of riders that didn’t give names at the line and/or bunch finishes that were very hard to record. I don’t know how Brian does it so smoothly, it’s stressful! 😉

    Here is the finish order with times:
    23 Chris Ernst 0:18:17 1
    22 Aaron Hamill 0:18:56 2
    24 Chris Pippy 0:19:03 3
    15 Scott Dickie 0:19:35 4
    14 Scott Breen 0:19:39 5
    21 Phil Sheffield 0:19:46 6
    18 Vance Lai 0:19:54 7
    16 Scott Weldon 0:20:50 8
    17 Scott Brubacher 0:21:03 9
    19 Adam Myers 0:21:11 10
    20 Simon Guthrie 0:21:15 11
    12 Rob Daniels 0:21:26 12
    10 Chris AngerMann 0:21:35 13
    13 Kari Hueber 0:21:37 14
    11 Lorie Cochrane 0:21:39 15
    9 Hadi Moshayedi 0:22:06 16
    7 Kevin Gibson 0:22:15 17
    8 Carolyn Smith 0:22:49 18
    6 Thiago Tonnelle 0:22:54 19
    3 Craig Nowak 0:23:15 20
    5 Mark Istvan 0:23:50 21
    4 Peter Stubnya 0:24:33 22
    1 Roger Koert 0:25:13 23
    2 Susan Jantzi 0:25:43 24

    Good work everyone on some tough conditions. Glad the traffic was lighter and you all had safe rides.
    See you all in June!



    I wanted to give credit to the TT committee who pushed start back to 7pm. Might have been a head game but the motorists seemed more relaxed and accommodating to cyclists. I felt safe riding a few feet from the shoulder.

    Getting my handcycle turned around on the road is still a battle but having a spotter and pylon makes it way easier. I’ll get the technique perfected for June!




    Thanks Kevin, Jeff and Gary for helping out! And Chris for organizing the series! I was feeling terrible after the hard ride Tuesday but enjoyed the self inflicted pain and the lighter traffic!

    And thanks for posting the results. The only thing strange is the “Any Aero Equip” column whose values do not seem to make sense.



    Thiago, I forgot to check off that column at the start… so I was just guessing at the end. If I got it wrong, feel free to edit your choice. I am new to the time keeping and haven’t perfected the data collection and timing aspects yet. I will be happy to hand over those duties to the pro (Brian) and ride next month if I’m around. LOL

    Great ride all!!!!


    Kevin Gibson

    Thiago, you did have your aero helmet, AND shoe covers…



    If it’s an aero “road” helmet that’s fine. I’ve always understood the rules to be:
    – TT bike
    – Disc Wheel
    – TT helmet
    – clip on aerobars

    A drop bar road bike with road gear is fine. Even a skinsuit on a drop bar bike is ok. Basically if you can race with it in a UCI road race legally you’re good to go if that makes sense. 🙂

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