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    It’s August…the Fondo rides start at 8am from the Sobey’s Plaza at Columbia and Fischer-Hallman.

    Forecast is looking great for Saturday with nice temperatures and a moderate wind from the west (see weather below). I’ve chosen a “Your Big Ride” prep ride out to Brussels. Flat roads, not many stop signs and a solid distance. Note: I’ve adjusted the route from what we did last year to avoid William Hastings Line (the road to Millbank).

    155km: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/24082841

    This is an official Waterloo Cycling Club ride and you must be a 2017 member of WCC. Register here: http://waterloocyclingclub.ca/membership


    Weather (as of 8:30pm Thursday Aug 10th):



    Hey Jason,

    When do you think we might be back in town by?



    I based the weather forecast on 32km/h, although with flat roads and very few stop signs we’ll likely be faster than that. The forecast suggests 1pm and I don’t see us stopping for long in Brussels, so barring any mechanicals I’d estimate between 1pm and 1:30pm.




    Over 50+ people at the start of the Saturday Fondo Ride today. The Race Team(s) decided to go South. The Intermediate “Fondo” organized itself around a challenging route led by Brent D.

    27 others departed on the 155km “Fast” Fondo on the planned route of the BIG Ride “pre-ride”. Half a dozen riders needed to get back early and turned at Millbank, leaving ~20 to head out toward Brussels, where we stopped at Cinnamon Jim’s Café at the 80km half way point.


    Fuel de Jour..

    Now I was torn this morning. Do I go with my friends on a 4.5hr road ride and lose 0.25lbs or join my friends at Columbia Lake for CX skills & drills practice?
    Funny how life has a way of working out.

    Around 115km into our Road Ride, we encountered a CX course. Roadies, MTB’rs, CX’rs all dismounting and showing their best dismounts and shouldering techniques. Not once…but twice along the traditional WCC LONG course TT course just after Monkton.

    I invite our CX Managers and other Cross Boss’s to critique our technique. Good news is I only snapped silent pics, because video would have contained some choice words for the Route Coordinator (ehhh emmm Jason…cough!!!). But I, for one, as thankful. As today’s route contained everything I like about cycling. Friends, Hard Work, Laughs, Coffee & Tarts, Sun & Rain, Fields & Horses, & CycloCross.

    img src=”https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4358/36526788425_a83a5e2780.jpg” width=”500″ height=”281″ alt=”20170812_114734″>


    When everyone realized that they couldn’t make it through the deep ditch and had to turn back. Glorious.

    Someone has it right…someone has it wrong. To KWCX Skills and Drills practice for the the both of you.


    Hustling it…

    The Mud was particularly thick…and sticking…and packed with stones.

    Martin is laughing because he has speedplays and realized the situation was hopeless.


    It was like a horror show. Couldn’t look away…but couldn’t stop taking pictures.

    Then I noticed the pure beauty and genius of human necessity and innovation as people tried to figure out how to clean their shoes just enough to be able to clip back in.

    Dino tried just swearing at the shoes…not effective but surprisingly satisfying.


    Scott with the stick technique…

    Daniel kinda did a rain/mud dance…


    Most people did the “clap” technique (as did I) which was very effective, but not aspirational enough.


    Thiago used his tire levers. And receives the runner up prize for most out-of-the-box thinking and sheer persistence.


    The winner, is Phil, for riding through the field on the second construction stop and not getting any mud on his shoes and kept riding.




    Brilliant write-up Alain and fantastic “secret” pictures taken 🙂

    Oh and my shoes and I have recently made up and are friends again.


    Mark W

    Oh boy, I missed an interesting one today. Phil definitely wins.

    I see some interesting shouldering techniques. Some look pretty good….but there’s lots of sloppy top-tube grabbing. Maybe you guys should prep for your next road adventure by coming to cx practise?

    Alain, great job capturing the ride. You guys got more dirt on you than we did at cx practise. Also, I saw you biking to the ride and was tempted to turn around, drive up next to you and heckle a bit.

    Dino, carrying your bike and getting muddy is half way to riding cross. Might as well just buy another bike and come out! The look on your face in that photo is fantastic. I’m glad your shoes have forgiven you, although they may hold a grudge against Jason.

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