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    Mark W

    We’re back on at our usual time and location. I’ll probably be setting up in the usual flat northern area.

    There’s a race, Hardwood Cross, happening Sunday so come out and treat the practise as openers. If you’re new to cross, or just want to improve your skills (something we all need to do) then come on out.

    If you drive there is a little gravel parking lot in the park at the end of Frank Tompa Drive pictured below.


    Alain put together a great video of last week if you want to see what we get up to.


    Since this is an official club ride, you must be a member.


    Hope to see you out there, rain or shine.



    Mark W

    Thanks to everyone that came out. More than I was expecting given the weekend. We had fun in the rain.

    Everyone that’s newer to cx is making great progress too. Time for some new drills.



    Thanks Mark, Kevin, Rob, Mark B…etc…for putting up and taking down such a wide variety of courses every week.

    And call-out to Mark for spending so much time with the new people to demonstrate techniques and show the fastest lines.

    Channeling my inner Jeremy Allen at CX Skill and Drills on Saturday. Great to see so many new faces.














    Mark W

    You nailed the panning action with those shots of Mat.

    Next week we’ll setup, and have a group discussion, about some trickier turns. Ones that require you to set yourself up the turn before, decreasing radius and such.


    Susan J

    Cool pics Alain! Thanks for capturing the morning.

    And totally agree on your call-out to Mark. I always appreciate that guidance and encouragement.

    CX practice offers a unique opportunity to ride with people who are well beyond your own level. On road rides, you’d see them lining up to start and that’s it! The way these practices are structured, there’s lots of opportunity to learn from others, and I’ve found the experienced people to be really generous with their time and effort helping those of us who are new to CX.

    Major value-add to the WCC membership fee.

    Tricker turns though–really?! lol


    Mark W

    I’m glad everyone is enjoying and taking something away from practise. The people are what make cx fun. Thanks to everyone for coming out and giving it a shot. Susan, you’re new to cx this year and I think I’ve seen you out almost every week since your first time. Thanks for sticking with it.

    Myself, Kevin and everyone else that make Saturday and Thursday happen are just carrying on club tradition. I’ve been constantly encouraged over the past few years by everyone on the Thursday and Tuesday road rides. You might only see the fast guys at the start, but if you make the effort to chase them they’ll always encourage you to give it your all and do it again next week.

    We have a welcoming, encouraging culture within the club. Just trying to do my part.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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