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    Kevin Gibson

    Hmmm, well I was planning on leading the official Adventure Ride tomorrow. But, I can’t get my club membership until I can get my Race license, and we’re waiting for Faction Racing to be set up with the OCA.

    Ride was supposed to start at 9 AM, and here’s what I had planned:

    More parks and trails through the city, about 30% along the Grand river trail. So Fatbikes of mountain bikes would be best, a cross bike *might* be doable.

    If someone wants to lead an official ride, great. In that case, everyone would need to be 2018 members.

    (I could be there at the start at 9 AM, but I can’t “officially” ride….)


    Mark Buckaway

    Well, I’m a club member. We will follow Kevin’s route.

    Trust me. Cross bikes aren’t recommended….unless you can “power down” or like running.

    As for licensing issues, you can type whatever club you want in the club box on the license registration page in CCNBikes. They will fix it later when the club affiliates. The WCC has affiliated. Non-racing members just need OCA insurance along with club membership. Yada, yada.


    Kevin Gibson

    OK, I just registered. FYI anyone racing with Faction, you can just click “no affiliation”, then at the bottom of the OCA portion, there’s a comments section, I just put a note that Faction was just waiting on final affiliation paperwork.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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