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    I was honoured to be the inaugural WCC photo contest judge, last year. I took the job fairly seriously. We had over 75 entries. As I zoomed in and scrutinized and looked for the narrative in every image, I found them to fall in 5 natural categories. I presented the winners at the Fall Social last year. I made a few notes to go with each image as I presented them. It dawned on me today that many of you were not able to make the social. And so, I found my notes, and repost them here, along with the images for your enjoyment.



    The Saturday Morning Cafe Stop

    Patrick Anderson

    Best Club Ride Photo of the Year – Patrick Anderson

    Your eye is immediately drawn first to the row of bikes and the strong lines created by the fence leading your eye to the centre of the photo, where an empty chair waits for the photographer, or perhaps the viewer, to take a seat. The bright red flowers in the planter in the foreground perfectly balance and frame the picture and lead the eye to the group of cyclists who have only just met each other at the start of a WCC social ride. It’s now raining. Hard. But they have found shelter, mid-ride, and are laughing and drinking coffee on FRONT street in what could be one of many quintessential towns in Ontario that we have all visited. The Club brought them together. Their bikes carried them here. Friendship among strangers, who would not have otherwise shared this moment in time. All because of a sense of shared adventure, a few humble bikes, and a club that brought them together to ride.


    Pain faces at the Kitchener Twilight Criterium

    Lauren Daniels

    Best Race/Competition Action Shot – Lauren Daniells

    Your eye is first drawn to the rider at the front. That’s Chris Ernst. He has been a WCC member since he was a kid. You will recall that Chris was the recipient of the WCC youth racer bursary, which he used to fund his travel to races and championship events across the country. He’s currently the Ontario Provincial Track Champion. He’s a mentor to all the young riders at the KW Youth Cycling Academy. There is no one more exciting to watch race bike at the moment.

    But then you quickly notice the familiar, bright WCC kit of Scott Brubacher. Arguably one of the fastest rising, most promising stars of the year. He started only a couple of years ago in the Learn To Group Ride program. 24 months later, this year, he won KW Classic and Niagara classic. And this is him in the Kitchener Twilight Criterium, in our very own backyard. Look at the angle of Scott’s bike. Look at the shoulders of the rider behind him. Looks at the faces of the riders. They are unleashing everything they have. Look at the start-finish line on the ground. That white line is the only objective. It is where they are all trying to get to first. And they are turning themselves inside out, against each other, to be the first to cross it next time around.

    And look at the crowds. Look at the clapping, cheering and thrill provided by these bike racers. Look at the logo’s on the fence….Cycle Waterloo who organizes this first class event in partnership with the Waterloo Cycling Club that created the race only a few years ago. And now it is counted among the best races in the Country. Ridden…Raced…and Led…by you.


    Gravel Grinding Across the Planes Of Waterloo (Steaming Nostril, 2017)

    Bill Frier

    Best Gravel Grinding Landscape – Bill Frier

    This picture is best viewed in large format. It is a museum piece. Where you can stand in front of it and gaze for hours. Stand back and look at the expansive, blue sky over the region. Notice the perfectly nestled green farm house in the corner that anchors this photo. Look closer…you see the gently winding farm lane that cuts through the fresh, brown soil and spring fields.

    Look even closer. You can see a rider. Then another rider just up ahead. You can see them in lines, racing around the corner together and rolling along the land that cuts towards the farmers barn. Look up further, beyond the barn. At the horizon. Look really hard. You can make out the shape of a peloton of riders, racing and drafting at breakneck speed. Do you know where they are all going? They are all less than 5kms from the end of this years Steaming Nostril 70km race. Then you realize that this is the farm lane between Kressler and Durst.

    Many of us have ridden this route. It is one of the most unique and special experiences in our local world of gravel grinding. Every time you ride it, you feel small…like you are part of something much bigger. The land, the sky, the earth…and part of larger community of people who ride to “feel alive”. And this picture was taken, by Bill Frier, the club’s gravel grinding and adventure ride leader. He leads riders every Monday and Saturday over these types of roads so that everyone in the club can experience them for themselves. A sacred, shared, club experience, riding across the landscape together.


    The Spirit of the Forest

    Raf Oleiniczak

    Best Mountain Bike Shot – Raf (Rafael Olejniczak)

    What have we got here? A guy on a pink fat bike in a forest on a dead tree.

    But not just any guy. He needs no introduction. Raf has been a mainstay of the Waterloo Cycling Club. He’s arguable the most unique individual to ever wear the green jersey. He loves mountain biking in all of its forms. He’ll ride anything. Usually at night. As long as it has wheels. Fat wheels. And pink ones are the best. He’s a long standing member of the WCC Trails Committee. He puts in countless hours to clear the Hydrocut for us to enjoy. He’s won several of our top awards at the club for mountain biking, including Trail Builder of the Year.

    But, this picture isn’t all about Raf. It embodies much about the freedom, beauty, raw strength and challenge that is mountain biking and trail building. The photo itself is well composed. The sunlight coming through the trees. The balance of greens. The tree on the left anchoring the frame. This is all about what is going on in the middle. The huge, contorted, fallen tree. The rider walking a precarious path across the length. It simply begs so many questions. Like what in the F%$%! Is he doing??? Where is coming from?? Where is he going??? Why is his bike pink!?

    But guess what? What an adventure he is having. He doesn’t need anything but himself, his bike and a forest to get lost in. And he is one of the happiest, big-hearted guys in our club. We should all be a little more like Raf. JFCI.


    After racing for fifty minutes on a punishing, muddy course, there’s always time for what matters.

    Mark Weymouth

    Best “reason that we ride” photo – Mark Weymouth

    What looks, at first, like a simple candid polaroid. Is in fact, a deeper reflection of why we ride.

    Of course, we immediately see WCC M1 racer, Tim Gale, after a particularly wet CX race. Mud caked on his socks, and spattered all over his WCC SkinSuit covering his Velofix logo. Tim rarely talks about his business, Velofix, in mixed company. Even though he’s a club sponsor, he prefers to build relationships one by one in the community and earn people’s trust. If you could only zoom in (like I did) and see the smile and look in his eyes as he is talking with his son and daughter, you can see where he gets some of his strength.

    Buy what strikes me is the long lasting “impressions” that are being made in this picture. The memory in that young boys head, of watching his dad on his bike and riding with his sister in the rain, on the grass.
    Then look up. Above Tim. Look at the man in the dark gray coat with the white hair. See how he’s looking at that young man who is looking at his CX bike. Perhaps a father and son? Perhaps the father raced and the Son now carries on the tradition? Who are those other people? Standing in the rain? Family and friends who came out to support him?

    This picture is about generations and the people behind the scenes. That community of family and friends who support us. Who listen to our crazy stories, put up with us buying crazy expensive bikes, driving us out to races, cleaning the muddy laundry, and listening to us spinning in the basement or calling to pick us up at the side of the road. To all those who come out to watch us ride, race and lead in in our community.



    I remember that night when those photos were presented. Congrats to all the winners and everyone who submitted a pic for the contest.
    And as usual, Alain is not lost for words, even when he is writting….hehe



    Alain, thanks for posting this. Although I was at the fall social, the pictures and your words have even more impact seeing them in front of me. Together they really capture the spirit of why we ride and why we commit to this awesome club.

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