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    Team ‘CWA – Caucasians With Attitude’ aka ’07:59:59′ plated ‘126’ kicked ass! That was a truly EPIC race with me on my Rigid Fatbike and my awesome teammate Peter D on his Rigid Singlespeed… why make it easy right? I actually brought my racing HT but when I was checking it again just before the race I noticed that both Der Pulleys were cracked through which happens sometimes. Anyway… glad I brought my FAT Tank and as absolutely no one, including the bike shop on site had any spares I raced on the BIG Rig and Peter opted for his SiSp even though he also brought his FS 🙂 Great course with plenty of tough challenging climbs and super rooty sketchy descents made it a true body rattling and teeth chattering EPIC experience 🙂 Unless you also race a Rigid MTBike you won’t understand how demanding that is as compared to the half and full cush HT or an FS 😉 Congrats to all the crazy participants, the Pod Walkers and everyone who challenged themselves there especially the Weekend Warriors:) Great effort everyone!

    Here is a POV FAT-Cam Lap One 😉





    Oh I know. I rode that event on my rigid SS a couple years back. Kudos to you and Peter!

    I see you have finally convinced the P2A folks to add a 70km Fat Bike category and they gave you a shout out for making it happen. If you can also convince them to consider a 29 x 3 a fat bike, maybe I’ll join you. 🙂


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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