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    GoPro is charged and mounted.

    Moved my saddle forward 0.5 cm to ease the lower back soreness from that smash’em up course. …and to get on top of the pedals a little more out of the corners.

    No rain, so same 32 mm FMB Griffo Tubs at 31 psi.

    Not the same without Tabi chirping from the EXPERT class (poke).

    Carolyn, Adam, Joel…watch out in the corners! Fair warning.



    My elbows will be out on every corner! And I will make sure that I run with my bike sideways over those barriers so that you don’t pass me there this week 😉

    Tonight will be fun!! 🙂




    Another great race, lots of great performances tonight.

    Mat took 2nd place in the Sport category!

    Carolyn made up time after crashing early and ended up passing a bunch of us in the last lap – she and I ended up in a photo finish.

    Alain chased me the whole time and may or may not have passed me about a third of the way through the last lap … just before blowing out his rear tire. But he persevered and ran through to the end.

    Chris A. sprinted to just beat out the Expert race leader and get in under the wire for a 5th lap in Sport.

    Chris Y. had a strong showing in his first ever Kelso race.

    I bet there were some other great stories that I didn’t hear about. Kelso is such a blast!



    And the video evidence…

    Of a good time had by all.



    Thanks for sharing all the funny stories (and videos!) guys. Watching and cheering from afar….Cheers!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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