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    Keith Peck

    Link to YouTube video from the Master 1 race:
    GFRR M1 Men 2017

    I figured my video camera battery wouldn’t last the whole race so I turned off my camera a few times at points were I didn’t expect much action, then restarted prior to sections where the pack could be expected to get strung out.

    The video is 4 clips merged together for a total of 1H:25M from the race. HD quality with some ride data overlaid. (Improving the continuity of data for the video for furure races will be another work in progress.)

    I was hoping to be able to get the last lap and finish recorded, but I didn’t really know how long the battery would last.

    In the M1 race there was a sprint prime for the first rider across the line at the end of lap #1. The winning ‘break’ was made up riders who had positions at the front for the sprint.

    Lesson learned for next race – don’t sit back just because you aren’t going to contend for a prime.

    It’s tough to get to the front at Good Friday, but the effort to get to the front needs to be made, or else you end up riding for minor places in the overall results.

    Another take away is that the M1 field is loaded with talented racers.

    Mike road strong by making a solo break off the front of the main pack with about half a lap to go. He made a jump while everyone was guttered riding the yellow line in the cross wind when the pack was headed north along Shaver Road.

    I saw him go and then got to about 6-8th wheel from the front and sat there taking it ‘easy’ in a spot where I could keep an eye on the front of the pack. Nobody was willing to come around me and the guys in ahead of me couldn’t co-operate long enough to close the gap.

    Hopefully next race things work out a bit better results wise for the M1 team. And that I can come up with an external power supply to allow me to capture an entire race.



    First up congrats to Scott and those that had good races!

    We had a plan from the get go that was put together with some input from our more experienced racers, although when we had to send Phillip looking for Scott as we were all on the start line I started to wonder if we needed a quick change of plan. At the same time I realize I had forgot to pick any food up, and come to the realization that I have just a banana for the race. I figure that this is enough given the length of the race and try to stay warm.

    We planned to make it as tough as possible for the field and let Scott attack on the last lap. On the neutral roll out I was straight on the lead cars bumper, conserving all the energy I had and placing myself in prime position. As soon as the car moved on and the signal for the race to start went I attacked, I did this 4 times in the first 5 minutes, every time Ii was reeled in no one wanted to take the pace up so I would filter in or soft pedal as Ii was caught. On the fourth attack a couple of guys started to bite and wanted to go with me but the field was fresh and quickly stomped it out. Lance moved up and started doing his part allowing me to counter a couple of times and really getting the field working.

    At the end of lap 1 I was in a little difficulty and not expecting the attack that came in the fair grounds. I couldn’t grab the wheels and spent half a lap with some help form Lance trying to real the break of 2 in. I coerced a couple of guys into helping but the rotations and willingness was a little rough. At this point the 2 guys looked strong and doing 50% of the work I just couldn’t shut it down. Joel and Mark moved up and threw their hat in the ring at the end of the lap and the gap began to close slightly. Then it steadied a little as Scott moves to front, asks me if we have anyone in the breakaway. I respond with “I wouldn’t be driving it at 40+ and stringing the field out if that was the case”, he asks what to do, I promptly tell him to sit in and let us handle it. I immediately regretted this as the hurt was on and the gap not coming down, but wanted to give him the best chance on his attack.
    Into the 3rd lap I resided myself to the fact that we were racing for probably 3rd place. I go back on the attack as best as possible surging and making guys chase to reattach to my wheel as often as I could. Robbie, Mark, Lance and Joel help immensely with this giving me enough rest bite to keep turning the screws on the field. Joel, tells me he thinks the midweek guys are getting ready to go so I keep just enough back to make the jump, but they seemed to be losing their pop as the race went on so I was less concerned.

    Entering the fairgrounds for the final lap and on the rough surface I see the sight of Scott and breathe a huge sigh of relief as I know that I will be getting a serious break as he goes and I get to sit in and follow wheels. When he goes it’s like a rocket takes off, for the first 30 seconds no one reacts and then chaos as guys start to realize that this is serious and I wasn’t up there for the whole race for myself. Ten guys counter attack randomly with no organisation one after the other, they all fail with the exception of 2 guys. I spend 2km around 10 wheels back and then move up soft pedal pretending to pull but really slowing the field down. I go back and chat to Mark as Lance asks what to do. I respond with all we do is follow wheels, and try to disrupt the pace line. Then I hear the horrible sound of carnage and glance back as I see the row right on our wheels go flying. Mark being a super nice guy is all concerned looking back. I promptly bark at him to go and we will do our best to prevent the catch but not allow the guys chasing to get on as the reduced field is much more manageable. Somehow we find ourselves at the front on a corner and mark says he’s coming in front of me. I rapidly respond with no way in hell, you’re staying there alongside Lance and we are going to soft pedal and block the road, much to the dismay and shouting from the field.

    I slide back to back of the field at this point and then as soon as I’m there the chase goes full gas as the field finally organised, we pick up one of the breakaway riders and now we are going for 2nd. In a split second I remember all the times Gaelen, Aaron, Pippy, Patte have counter attacked us in training, so I rapidly push myself forward to 4th wheel back. As the catch is made the pace lulls and as I jump i hear the field shouting about the counter attack. I figure they got enough warning but I go with all I have left not looking back for the first minute, knowing regardless if the field is on my wheel we need a high pace to protect Ben and stop a break going. I glance back and I have 5 seconds and a guy on my wheel. I tell him we have to go hard as we can, he buys in and we are of getting a larger gap. I spend the next 7 minutes going hard as I can and getting low. As we enter the final road I realise we are done and getting caught and then bang Scott goes flying by me with 400 meters to go as I shout encouragement. I swing into the final straight going backwards through the field as I’m completely done.

    Unfortunately Ben got chopped in the run in and was lucky to stay upright, otherwise he would have been in there. I and Lance were in the field with Scott at 15th and 16th. Mark stayed with us until my final attack, after doing a lot of work coming in 23rd with Ben 24th. Joel and Robbie were caught behind the first crash, kept it upright and rolled in 29th and 30th place. Impressive after the work we did and the relatively large field of 60 starters and the ultimate goal of podium for one rider and anything else is just a bonus.

    We raced the same time as Carolyn and Alison so didn’t get to see their races. I heard they gave it a good shot getting in a break, but got caught on the last lap. Phillip had a good race, bridging up to a breakaway with 2 others that looked like it would win and containing Aaron. In the sprint finish he ended up 4th. Keith, and Mike had good rides. The breakaway in M1 got away and was large and well represented. Mike attacked the field on the last lap and got away from the bunch coming in 16th when the breakaway contained 14 riders. Keith finished well up there in the field sprint and had a good rider.

    Hadi rode the sportif category coming in 5th, in what was a quick ride in a spread out field. For those of you that are new to racing or not sure if you want to give it a shot this is a really good event to find out what it is all about, the distance is relatively short and the race is well run.

    Christ Ernst riding for Kallisto had a really good ride with a solo breakaway, wining the junior field! There were plenty of other WCC riders representing other teams that had impressive rides.

    Looking forward to the next one!



    Absolutely brilliant job guys, proud of you!

    Isn’t it awesome when you develop a plan, stick to it and it all comes together? Such a rewarding feeling 🙂

    With that performance you guys are going to be marked at Calabogie. You have the fitness, numbers and tactics to crush it again though. The good thing about Calabogie is that it’s so wide it’s nearly impossible to get chopped.

    I’m sad I couldn’t race with my M1 team, Keith and Mike did an awesome job and Mike did his trademark crush the blob with an attack move like at KW last year 🙂




    Geat turnout at the first O-cup! We had tons of people racing across most of the fields! I didn’t catch all the races so let us know how it went!

    WCC Results:

    Sportif Men
    5th-MOSHAYEDI, Hadi

    Elite 4 Men
    Great team ride by all trying to make the race hard and then almost bringing the break back at the end for the finish! Rob Samide narrowly avoided a crash and had to bring it home on very bent chainrings. Ben Alev was lining up the sprint to try to close out 3rd for WCC, but had to settle for keeping it upright as he lost a front spoke when someone came into him. Great riding by all and way to keep it upright!

    2nd-BRUBACHER, Scott
    15th-MCLELLAN, Lance
    16th-DANIELLS, Robert
    23rd-WEYMOUTH, Mark
    24th-ALEV, Bahadir
    29th-ROSE, Joel
    30th-SAMIDE, Rob

    Elite 3 Women
    The E3 women were keeping us on edge chilling at the back through the start/finish. Looked like Allison was going off the back stuck behind a split, but she used those mtb skills to bridge back through the gravel. Carolyn stuck to her plan going off the front through the start/finish on the last lap and Allison jumped across! The move ended up with Allison getting up to a 20 second gap while Carolyn worked to slow down the field, but it wasn’t meant to be as the field brought Allison back after half a lap, leaving it up to a sprint finish!
    6th-SMITH, Carolyn
    8th-SAUDER, Allison

    Elite 1/2 Women
    19th-HUEBER, Kari

    Master 1 Men
    Didn’t see this go down, by I hear Mike went solo of the front of the peloton for the last 8km holding them off to avoid the bunch sprint finishing in style behind the break.
    16th-PATTE, Mike
    22th-PECK, Keith

    Elite 1/2 Men
    4th-SHEFFIELD, Philip

    Great work everyone and lots of fun was had all round! See you at the next one!



    Mark W

    Rob pretty much said it all. I was happy with myself during the race. I didn’t know how I’d fair going in so the first lap I just sat in, stayed to the front, got a feel for the pace and the effort I’d be able to put in over the coming laps.

    I went to the front on occasion during the second and third laps, doing little bits of work but planning to save myself for after Scott went. After Scott went I tried to be active disrupting the pace and chasing onto the wheel of anyone moving up.

    As Rob mentioned there was a crash near the start of the last lap. I remember feeling something catch on my bike, a little tug, and then hearing the horrible sound of bikes crashing to the ground. I glanced back and saw several riders down. I was lucky that whoever bumped into me didn’t hit me harder. I thought I escaped unscathed but noticed something on my bike today…

    Frame Damage

    Looks as though the someone either turned into my rear wheel or caught it on the way down. One of my spokes also has a nice kink in it and my wheel has a good enough bend to rub against the brake pads lightly. I didn’t take note during the race, so it couldn’t have slowed me down too much.

    All in all a good day. I’m looking forward to road races this year. Having a team and a plan each time out. Hopefully we can help everyone get a podium they want.


    Scott Brubacher

    First O-Cup of my life results in a podium spot at Good Friday Road Race.

    Credits are due to my awesome, sacrificial hardworking teammates; Robert, Robbie, Lance, Ben, Joel and Mark. You guys played your roles very well and exceeded my expectations in every way and hopefully you have new confidence in yourself to set higher personal goals! Great work and thank you!

    Thanks must also be given to Kelly, the coach who never eases up on me! And the rest of the WCC club for always encouraging, especially Rob Samide for persuading me to join the club last spring, and Mark Weber for taking me under his wing for those oh-so-hard Gentlemen Rides.

    Also thanks to the guys I rode with all winter teaching many skills and undoubtedly toughening my body and mind. I’ll probably miss several but these are the top that come to mind; Gaelen, Aaron, Peter, Igor, Patte, Pippy, Thiago and many more that just keep going no matter how cold, dark, hungry and lost we are 🙂

    Now for race day… It took me too long to pin the numbers on; nervous and doing it for the first time. Resulted in me doing a rushed warmup and still barely getting to the start line in time. Sorry Robert, I didn’t realize you sent Phil to find me! None the less, I snuck in the back and nobody noticed me.

    Race finally starts, and we immediately hit the terrible gravel. I’m riding the back of the peloton as per pre-race instructions; its dangerous, riders are nervous and the yo-yo surging effect is terrible. Every corner is a nerve-wracking experience as the riders mash brakes and dart all over. This is a crash-zone hotbed.

    Second lap, turning onto Trinity, I notice a large gap growing rapidly ahead. I’m at the back of 15-ish riders and the peloton ahead is riding away. I wiggle through a bunch of guys, drop the hammer and squeeze past several soloists also trying to catch the peloton. I’m staying downwind side of them all, yelling at them to move over as I ride the edge of pavement and shoulder. None of them cut me off, none can hold my wheel and I solo up to the peloton. Several guys scratch their way onto the back, but I’m pretty sure we dropped a bunch of guys. I almost lost the race before it ever started.

    I can see two guys off the front. They slowly creep away from the peloton, but its still the start of the second lap. Thats a bit ridiculous. Eventually those two get out of sight and I’m wondering what’s going on. Joel is close to the back, Lance is looking tired and Robbie is trapped mid-pack. I roll up to the front and ask if we have a wcc in the break ahead. Mark and Robert yell at me to sit tight so I drop to the back.

    I move up as we roll through the start/ finish and hit the gravel for the last time (thank goodness). Turning onto Trinity, I’m 3 bikes from the front, mostly Midweek guys. I hesitate to avoid rolling ahead, but I resist the temptation to brake and instead I surge ahead. Nobody holds my wheel so I’m gone alone. Thankfully two random guys bridge up to me and we work together. The gap isn’t very big but the three of us can’t gain more. Suddenly we get caught just before the turn onto Book. I’m thinking what now, and then I see Robert doing the absolute best thing possible; the counter attack! Sweet!! He goes off like a bomb and guys are yelling. Peloton panics and picks up speed while I’m resting 10 bikes from the front. Robert stays ahead of us for all of Book. We turn onto Trinity, and I’m wondering if Robert will maybe last to the end. But no, Midweek guys are stringing out the front setting themselves up for a good finish and Robert is going backwards. Ben is two bikes ahead of me, maybe he and I can go for podium yet. I jump out the side, full gas all out and go flying into the final turn ahead of the Midweeks. Unfortunately Ben gets his wheel chopped up and hand bloodied, otherwise he most likely would have beat me or got third.

    This makes me super excited for many more races! Let’s reward Robert with a podium and put two more green shirts up there both sides of him while we’re at it!

    Scott Brubacher



    Awesome result Scott! Congrats to you and the whole team! I don’t have much experience, but I know how hard it is to stick to a plan sometimes 😉

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