UPDATE for Fall 2016:  Weekend Gravel Grinder rides will begin Saturday October 15, 2016.
When: Saturday mornings, 8:30am, beginning October 15, 2016
Where: St. Jacob’s Outlet Mall Parking Lot
NEW FOR 2016: We may be changing the start location on some weekends.  Pay attention to the website forum each week.  If there’s no update, assume the starting location is the usual spot at the St. Jacob’s Outlet Mall. 
This weekly club ride is into its third year and will take riders on local rail trails, dirt and gravel roads with some paved roads as well.  Cyclocross or mountain bikes are required, as some roads have loose gravel, pot holes and sand.  Rides will vary in length, averaging 2-3 hours (50-70km).
These rides are social but energetic, with some harder, more-intense intervals.  Anyone from Tuesday groups 1-5 can show up.  Group 1-2 riders may find the pace a bit slow (but it’s off season), Group 5 riders may find the pace a bit fast, but we will ride as a group as much as we can.  There will be times when there is some “stringing out”, but we will regroup at intersections.  The intention is that no one will be dropped. However:
·       If faster riders want to break away and ride on their own or as a faster group (either during the ride, or at the start), they can do so, just be sure to let the ride leader know
·       If slower riders want to fall off the back and find their own way home, they can do so, just be sure to let the ride leader know
·       Date/Time/Location is subject to change (due to weather, lack of ride leaders etc.)  Rides may be cancelled or rescheduled due to weather, road conditions, lack of ride leaders.  Check WCC Forum or Twitter for announcements each week.
·       Once roads get wet/slushy/muddy, fenders are HIGHLY recommended (riding without fenders is frowned upon)
·       Much like the Thursday and Saturday morning moderate rides, routes will be posted on WCC.  The ride leader will try to post the route a day or two before the weekend.
Starting location:
Routes:  The route will be different each week, but here are a few possible routes from past years:
CX01 63km StJ-Temperance-Linwood-RailTrail-WestMontrose-Conestogo
CX02 70km Conestogo-WMontrose-Weisenberg-Ariss-Maryhill-Bridgeport
CX03 68km Wilby-Lisbon-Lichty-Hutchinson-Boomer-KresslerN-Durst
CX04 73km Durst-Boomer-Hackbart-Gerber-Manser-Schummer-Lavery-Lawson-Temperance-3Bridges