Where: Mc Lennan Park, Kitchener
When: Thursdays, 6pm – starting Sept 1, 2016

It’s that wonderful time of the year again, Cyclocross time! On Thursday, September 1st we will be starting our McLennan Park Cyclocross Skills and Drills night. I’d like to invite anyone that has any interest in learning the basics of Cyclocross (especially youth!) to come out and join us. I’d also like to remind everyone that you don’t need a fancy bike to have fun, any old mountain bike will do fine. Our loop at Monsignor Haller Catholic Elementary School is great for basic skills work and to give a taste of what a race course is like in Southern Ontario, we will also be doing our heart breaker laps of the park and other fun drills throughout the night.
Looking forward to seeing everyone out hopping barriers!

Note – We are using public park space so we need to be respectful of other park users, be especially cautious on the gravel paths coming down the hill.