Start time:
Starting the first Monday of March:  6:30 PM.
Starting the last Monday in August: 6:00 PM.

Where: St. Jacob’s Outlet mall.

This ride will be targeting novice / recreational to intermediate riders: approximately 2 hours, distance 30-50 kms.
Initially we will regroup periodically (no rider left behind), but if we get enough riders to make two groups and if we have leaders, we will split part way into the ride.

You must be a WCC member to participate in the Monday CX EZ-Gravel Grinder.


– Rides may be cancelled due to lack of ride leaders or weather (e.g. electrical storms). Check WCC Forum or Twitter for announcements each week.

– Your assistance in leading rides will help ensure this ride goes every week the weather is suitable. Please contact if you are interested in leading some rides.

– This ride runs year round.  Use of lights as dictated by the Ontario Highway Traffic Act (HTA).

– All riders must abide by the Highway Traffic Act.