CycloCross (CX) is the fastest growing segment of the Waterloo Cycling Club.  And for good reason.  It combines the best of MTB and road cycling into one, fun, exciting new discipline.









And in typical WCC fashion, rides span the full spectrum of RIDE and RACE.  On one end, CX is about easy fall and winter riding along trails and rural dirt roads in any weather, in order to continue riding outdoors with friends during the off season.




Tuesday and Weekend CX Rides

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WCC GoPro Video of a typical weekend CX ride.




KWCX is back for another season! Join us at McLennan Park Thursday evenings from September 3 until there isn’t enough light. This year we will be starting to setup around 5:30 so drop by then and start doing some warm-up laps, then at 6 we will do some skills and drills to hone your technique. If you’ve never tried Cyclocross before this is the night for you, we will practice mounts and dismounts, run-ups, starts and cornering. Cyclocross and Mountain bikes are appropriate but you can be creative too, if you can ride it on grass and crushed stone trails it will likely be fine.
See you in the park!


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Training includes:


•             Running Mount and Dismount technique

•             Barriers/obstacle course

•             Off-cambre turning practice

•             Bike “shouldering” technique.

•             Hill climbing and running

•             Braking technique

•             Bike, tire, pressure selection and considerations for racing.


You’ll see it all first hand in this WCC KWCX GoPro video



For years,  WCC members have entered the annual Paris-To-Ancaster Spring Classic on their MTB and Cross bikes.  This mass participation event draws 1000’s of riders, including 50- 100 from WCC to test their early season fitness.


Recently, our very own CycleWaterloo launched the Steaming Nostril CX race to great success.  This race follows the very roads and routes that we ride every weekend.


OCup Racing


The OCA runs a CX racing series every fall.  Courses are short, tight, twisty loops around a grassy park or field.  There are wooden barriers to be hopped; steep hills to be climbed and descended and slippery grass and off-cabre turns to be navigated.  The pace is furious.  The crowd is boisterous.

Expect to find yourself strung out from the gun, hitting the ground every so often and being gloriously heckled by spectators as you try to keep pace for 40mins of all out suffering.




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The culture of CX is laid back and fun.  But, it’s intense.  It’s expected that spectators “heckle” and “jear” participants to carry on.  “That bike ain’t going to pedal itself!”   “Come on, throw that bike over that fence!”.  All while you are churning leg-numbing gears up, carrying your bike and just trying to stay upright.