Product Inventories Updated – April 6th, 2016

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A few new items have been added to the clothing assortment:

  • Thermal jacket and thermal bib knickers for the late fall, winter and early spring riders.
  • RSE jersey and RSE bib shorts for the rider that wants the best quality product with a race fit.
  • Short and Long Sleeve Speedsuits for when every second counts (not available as a stock inventory item).

Check out the full inventory below for more details and pricing.

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Short Sleeve Jersey








Sugoi RSE Short Sleeve Jersey

Price: $145.00

Sugoi Evolution Short Sleeve Jersey

Price: $95.00

Long Sleeve FinoTherm Jersey









Sugoi Evolution Long Sleeve FinoTherm Jersey

Price: $110.00








Sugoi RS Shorts

Price: $120.00

Bib Shorts








Sugoi RSE Bib Short

Price: $210.00

Sugoi RS Bib Short

Price: $150.00

Short Sleeve Speedsuit








Sugoi RSE Short Sleeve Speedsuit

Price: $230.00 Out of stock

Long Sleeve Speedsuit








Sugoi RSE Long Sleeve Speedsuit

Price: $245.00 Out of stock

Thermal Jacket






Sugoi Thermal Jacket

Price: $175.00

Thermal Bib Knickers









Sugoi Thermal Bib Knickers

Price: $135.00

Windblock Jacket










Sugoi Windblock Jacket

Price: $150.00

Windblock Vest








Sugoi Windblock Vest

Price: $110.00

Arm Warmers








Sugoi Arm Warmers

Price: $40.00

Knee Warmers







Sugoi Knee Warmers

Price: $50.00

Walz 4 Panel Moisture Wicking Cycling Cap


Price: $25.00 Out of stock

WCC Socks


Price: $8.00 Out of stock

WCC T-Shirt

Price: $10.00 Out of stock