Fall Clothing Clearance

The club store has been updated with all remaining stock and prices are 40% to 50% less than our original list price.  Once purchases have been completed items will be dropped off at McPhail’s and we will email you to confirm.

Important Notes:

  • The stock includes 2016 and 2017 clothing (same design).
  • There are no items with 2016 sponsor logos (jerseys).
  • Due to changes in manufacturing there is a small difference between the green from 2016 to 2017.  The 2016 green is a lighter.
  • We have noticed that the Evolution SS Jersey fits large this year compared to previous years.  If you’d like the Evolution jersey, but want it more fitted you will need to go down one size.

Additional Items (Thermal Bib Knickers):

  • Beyond what is below we have the following 2016 Thermal Bib Knickers (Price: $75)
    • Women’s XS, Women’s S
  • If you are interested in these items please send an email to clothing@waterloocyclingclub.ca

Kit Sizing Chart

Sock Sizing Chart

WCC Sock Sizing

If you have any questions or concerns about the WCC clothing please contact: clothing@waterloocyclingclub.ca


Short Sleeve Jersey








Sugoi RS Team Short Sleeve Jersey

Price: $65.00 Out of stock

Sugoi Evolution Short Sleeve Jersey

Price: $55.00

Long Sleeve FinoTherm Jersey









Sugoi Evolution Long Sleeve FinoTherm Jersey

Price: $110.00 Out of stock








Sugoi RS Pro Shorts

Price: $80.00

Bib Shorts








Sugoi RS Team Bib Short

Price: $110.00

Sugoi RS Pro Bib Short

Price: $90.00

Thermal Jacket






Sugoi Thermal Jacket

Price: $130.00

Windblock Jacket










Sugoi Windblock Jacket

Price: $100.00 Out of stock

Windblock Vest








Sugoi Windblock Vest

Price: $70.00

Arm Warmers








Sugoi Arm Warmers

Price: $30.00

Knee Warmers







Sugoi Knee Warmers

Price: $30.00

 Cycling Cap










Sugoi Cycling Cap

Price: $25.00 Out of stock

Cycling Socks

WCC Socks









Sugoi Low Rise Socks (5″ cuff)

Price: $12.00

Sugoi Mid Rise Socks (8.5″ cuff)

Price: $12.00