Winter Pre-Order: January 16th – January 29th 2017

For 2017 the overall design of the WCC kit is staying the same as 2016, but we do have some changes in sponsors and a couple of new product items!  The club will order a small amount of inventory for core items like jersey and shorts, but we strongly recommend  placing your order now so you don’t miss out.

If you have any questions please email:

New items and changes:

  • WCC branded cycling caps are now available
  • WCC branded socks (low rise and mid rise) are now available
  • The RSE line from 2016 has been rebranded to RS Team for 2017, still maintaining top quality fit and materials.
  • Thermal bib knickers are no longer available.
  • Speedsuits are no longer available.

Check out the clothing lineup below for more details and pricing.

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If you have any questions or concerns about the WCC clothing please contact:


Short Sleeve Jersey








Sugoi RS Team Short Sleeve Jersey

Price: $130.00

Sugoi Evolution Short Sleeve Jersey

Price: $95.00

Long Sleeve FinoTherm Jersey









Sugoi Evolution Long Sleeve FinoTherm Jersey

Price: $110.00








Sugoi RS Pro Shorts

Price: $130.00

Bib Shorts








Sugoi RS Team Bib Short

Price: $215.00

Sugoi RS Pro Bib Short

Price: $150.00

Thermal Jacket






Sugoi Thermal Jacket

Price: $225.00

Windblock Jacket










Sugoi Windblock Jacket

Price: $150.00

Windblock Vest








Sugoi Windblock Vest

Price: $115.00

Arm Warmers








Sugoi Arm Warmers

Price: $46.00

Knee Warmers







Sugoi Knee Warmers

Price: $64.00

 Cycling Cap

Image coming soon!

WCC green body with a red center stripe plus a red & white checkerboard pattern on the underside of the cap plus the WCC logo on the sides!

Sugoi Cycling Cap

Price: $25.00

Cycling Socks

Images coming soon!

A red & white checkboard with WCC green stripe at the top, heel and toes plus our WCC logo!

Sugoi Low Rise Socks (5″ cuff)

Price: $20.00

Sugoi Mid Rise Socks (8.5″ cuff)

Price: $20.00