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July 10, 2012

Amanda’s O-Cup MTB Report

I went up to Sudbury this weekend for O-cup #5.  Saturday morning at 7am I left en route for Sudbury with SRS.  5 and half hours later we were in Sudbury and we went to pre-ride the course. The terrain was unlike anything I have ever ridden on before. It was very rocky and because of all the hot weather we have been getting, the course was extremely dry and dusty. Aside from being cautious on some of the dusty corners, I was feeling pretty good about the course. I went to my hotel for the evening, had a good dinner and went to bed early in preparation for the race the next day.

Sunday morning I ate breakfast and headed to the course. There were only 5 people in my category this race, so I wasn’t feeling too much pressure and was feeling pretty good before the race. I started out very strong on the start loop and quickly got in the lead on the double track and kept the lead into the first single-track section.

By the end of the first lap I was sitting in 3rd place, but I was feeling strong. I flew past Holly Cook (the current leader in our category) who was sitting in 2nd place on the double track and tried to keep my pace going when I hit the single-track again. We were going back and forth for a bit, but when we got the big ascent somewhere in the middle of the course, I got a good gap going between the two of us. At this point I was sitting in second, with half a lap to go. I was stoked!

I was focusing as hard as I could to go over the rocky obstacles with ease. I had about a quarter of the course left to do! I must admit I was already picturing myself standing on my first O-cup podium.  All I had left was a little rock section, followed by a long sandy descent and then a double track section that took us right to the finish line.

I was on the last rocky section of the course when one of the men asked to pass me on my left. I moved over just a bit to my right, and BAM my rear tire got a flat!!!! Unbelievable! With only about 1.5 km to go, I quickly hopped off my bike and started running to the end of the course. One by one I saw the girls pass by me and I knew that I had lost the race. One girl did not finish the race so I ended up in 4th place anyway which isn’t bad, but just knowing how close I had been to reaching the podium was disappointing. The upside of all of this is that I know I have the potential to do very well at these races. I have been feeling good about my training and I realize now that getting flats are just part of the sport. That being said I am convinced that I must go tubeless for my next race which will be at Buckwallow. I had some good experience with rocky terrain which I hope will be an advantage at my next race.

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