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April 30, 2012

Calabogie – A sprinters dream!

Team work pays off both on and off the saddle!

Quinn Hanam reports on his experience:

At 6:00 on Sunday morning I (literally) kicked my friend off the couch
he had been sleeping on in the Ottawa apartment we stayed at. He had
stayed up late with friends… I had slept. It was an hour and a half
drive from Ottawa to Calabogie so we had to leave at 6:30 so I would
have time to warm up for my 9:00 start. As we ate breakfast my friend
was amused as I powered down three bowls of cereal… especially after
the three plates of noodles I had eaten the night before. Fuel for the
fire right?

For those that don’t know, the Calabogie course is actually a
racetrack for automobiles. It’s a wide 5.5km track with sweeping bends
(often with multiple turns strung together) and no hills worth
mentioning. Calabogie is a super fast and super fun course. This was
why I went to Ottawa in the first place: it was a sprinters dream and
I thought I could do well.

The weather was a repeat of Good Friday: about three degrees and dry.
The S4 group was small with only 20 riders starting. With such a small
group there were only two riders on the same team (Tall Tree Cycles
from Ottawa). As a result the pace was very slow which was fine by me.
One of the CHCH riders from Good Friday was in the field and he
proposed that we work together and attack at corner 16 on the final
lap (about a kilometer from the finish). I knew he was strong (since
he chased down WCC’s attacks on Good Friday) so I agreed to give it a
try. Of course, things rarely go as planned.

A few attacks tried to go, but I was either able to jump on their
wheel right away or quickly chase them down with CHCH and Tall Tree.
On the last lap the pace quickened and riders started bunching up. I
sacrificed a good draft to keep myself from getting boxed in. Turn 16
came and the CHCH rider wasn’t in a position to attack. He wound up
getting pushed onto the grass. Scratch that plan. I held my position
and finally found a wheel with open space to the left where I could
launch an attack. When the finishing straight came I was third wheel
with 250m to go and a winter of track racing in my legs.

As with all WCC victories, this was a team effort. Having everyone in
the WCC to chase, be chased by and sprint against gives us the
experience and fitness to do well in races. So thanks to everyone in
the WCC in front or behind for regularly making me suffer!

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  1. jerrycan

    NIcely done! Congrats! Good report too.

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