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January 23, 2012

WCC at Forest City Velodrome for the Vitesse Challenge

Forest City Velodrome

January 22, 2012
By Adam Poll

Well, my legs are cooked. My odometer was showing 91 km at the end of the night although a good 30k in warm-up and 15k on the rollers staying warm.

I think that was my best night of racing. I’ve made a few improvements to the bike (wheels/tires) and I seem to be getting stronger. My first test of the night was the Elite Miss & Out (sprint every 3 laps, last rider eliminated) normally I’m one of the first three out and don’t go very deep into this race. Heading into it I told myself I would go hard off the get go and get towards the front so I wouldn’t have to sprint. I made it there and stayed there for the majority of the race, at one point I got shuffled back just after a sprint so I just eased off, moved up the track at the back of the pack and right back around to the front, perfect. I got into the final three riders out of Sixteen starters. Me in the Green and Black and Two teammate from Garneau’s team – Elite 1 riders. With two laps to go I was on the front and heard the one telling the other to attack, I gritted my teeth and thought, I’m not letting both of these guys get around me, turns out neither did and it felt pretty good. Once its down to the last two, it’s a 3
lap match sprint. I’m not a sprinter but I did my best against a rider who was top of the Ontario Cup standings at the end of year and third in the provincial road race(Jeff Schiller).

In the Elite Endurance race we were up for 80 laps of suffering. Off the get go, Rob Good announced a $50 prime to the first rider to lap the field. People were motivated and the attacks went right away. In the end 4 riders were able to get a lap on the rest of us but I finished strong and went around a guy with 2 to go and finished fifth overall. I felt good throughout the race and was able to put in my own attacks and digs throughout which is a lot better than just trying to hang on, even if they were in vane.
At the end of the night was my first Elite Madison – 15 mins + 10 laps. I don’t know what happened, it was a blur of pain. I did almost cause pile up on my first exchange, would have been good to have footage of that. We were all packed together off the get go coming into our first exchanges. As the riders in front came together to throw their teammates in I got to low on the wheel ahead of me. As he passed his energy into his partner, he slowed down big time. my wheel was under him and I had to bail onto the skirt of the track but some how got back on and split through a couple of riders. There was a crash two weeks ago that happened in the exact same way. I think in the end we finished fourth but don’t ask me how I got there.


Photos by Bob Steer

  • http://bobsteer.zenfolio.com/p160631607/h129b9f30#h1e6973bc
  • http://bobsteer.zenfolio.com/p160631607/h129b9f30#h154fb97c
  • http://bobsteer.zenfolio.com/p160631607/h129b9f30#h1a5b537e
  • http://bobsteer.zenfolio.com/p160631607/h129b9f30#hcb47b26
  • http://bobsteer.zenfolio.com/p160631607/h129b9f30#h1384b10b

Video By Mark Buckaway

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