August 17, 2017

“Your Big Ride” – BIG UPDATE!







A rich part of the Waterloo Cycling Clubs history is a Big Ride.  A Saturday ride, near the end of the road cycling season, to celebrate the great cycling we’ve all done through the summer and to support a cause that helps people in our community.  If you ride on the road with WCC then in 2017 this will be Your Big Ride!  There will be three distances to challenge you: 100km, 160km and 240km.

Update as of Aug 17th (10 days to Your Big Ride)

Riders (41 and counting)

Recreational 100km Route – 6 riders
Intermediate 160km Route – 15 riders
Fast 250km Route – 20 riders


  • We found out last week that part of the 240km and 160km routes is closed so we’ve made a minor change.
  • For the Fast route the total distance is now 247km:  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/24321617
  • For the Intermediate route the total distance is now 163km: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/1729047158
  • The groups will use the established paces for Recreational (~25km/h), Intermediate (~30km/h) and Fast (~35km/h).
  • The roads near Lake Huron (after Blyth) are a little more hilly until you get to the coast, but the route is generally quite flat (compared to riding around Waterloo Region).
  • There are not as many stop signs west of Waterloo Region as there are in the region.
  • Given the flatter roads and reduced number of stop signs the average pace could be a little higher than normal.

Getting to the 100km and 160km Start Points

Unfortunately we have not been able to secure transportation that will enable the club to manage getting riders to the start points.  We’ll be doing it “old school” with car pooling just like we would for a getting to a Fondo that wasn’t in Waterloo Region.
Brent Doberstein has started a forum entry for car pooling to the 160km start point.
Andrew Meyer will be starting a forum shortly for the 100km start point.


To date we have raised an incredible $11,760.  That represents 47% of our $25,000 goal.  Last year we raised $12,000, so we’re going to blow that away any moment!

Ride Logistics

Ride Support

Mechanical support will be provided throughout the event by Velofix.
Kevin Sheerer (A volunteer of the year winner) was kind enough to break his collarbone, so won’t be riding, but will be driving a support van in case anyone has an unfixable mechanical and needs a ride.

We will also use both Velofix and Kevin to transport some of the ride nutrition and any personal items you want to have at Bayfield.  Space will be tight, so pack light, but you will be able to bring a small bag (spare socks, flip flops, specific nutrition you need).

Ride Nutrition

We have ride Nutrition coming from a few sources:
Runner’s Choice in Waterloo has kindly donated some energy bars and some hydration mix.
McPhail’s Cycle and Sport (our club title sponsor!) is organizing additional Hammer energy and hydration products.
The Alzheimer’s Society Waterloo Wellington has sourced 18 cases of water and a couple of boxes of bananas
We do recommend that you arrive at the start with your own nutrition, but know that there will be plenty to keep you going throughout the day.


We’re thrilled that lunch will be again provided by Freshii Northfield.  Once again this year we’ll have great salad options with proteins (chicken and tofu).
There will also be bread/buns/carb options to go with the lunch.
Krista (my wife) will bake Chocolate Chip Cookies again, but in much larger quantities…I’m hoping to get one this year!  😉
We’re working on some other options as well so we’ll be really well taking care of for food.

At the Start

The ride will start at 8am from Sir John A MacDonald Secondary School.  Please arrive close to 7:30am to organize with car pooling, drop off any bags with Velofix or Kevin and for a nice send off from the Alzheimer Society Waterloo Wellington.


Your Big Ride is an opportunity for our club to both celebrate RIDE and show how we LEAD.  Please join us in celebrating these two critical pieces of our club mission.

For more information and to register, please visit the Your Big Ride 2017 page.

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