May 8, 2017

Update on 2017 WCC Clothing – Please read if you ordered clothing






We have a lot of news regarding clothing!

 Clothing Availability:

The clothing has started to arrive!

RS Pro and Evolution: This is our standard kit and we expect to have it all in by May 12th.
RS Team, Vests and Jackets: This is our high end kit, the vests and jackets.  We expect to have these items by the end of May.
Socks: The socks have arrived.

We will make clothing available at McPhail’s as quickly as possible in two batches.  Each batch will include socks if ordered.

  1. The RS Pro and Evolution, hopefully within the next week.
  2. The RS Team and Jackets hopefully by the first week of June.

Challenges at Sugoi and Handling Those Challenges:

The delays we have experienced were caused by manufacturing issues outside of Sugoi’s control.

Unfortunately, as part of the issue experienced by Sugoi, some of our order will not be getting filled.
Speedsuits, Caps, Arm Warmers and Knee Warmer orders will not be filled.  If you have paid for any of these items we will issue you a full refund shortly.

To compensate for the delays and non-fulfillment of some items, Sugoi is providing to the Waterloo Cycling Club a one time payment equal to the cost of all clothing ordered in 2017.

While this is an excellent acknowledgement from Sugoi of the impact to our club, the club is not able to simply provide a full refund to members who ordered.  There are two key operational reasons for this:

  1. Some of the order is being filled out of inventory from 2016, which we have already paid full price for.
  2. The club counts on some margin from clothing sales to balance our operating budget and fund projects and initiatives that benefit all club members.

For 2017, all clothing orders already placed, will be sold at an average discount of 42% off the prices currently listed on our website.  There will be some excess inventory as a result of the order, and this inventory will also be sold at an average 42% discount.

For those members who paid for their clothing through our online store, we will issue refunds to bring the cost down to the equivalent of the discounted prices (See below for a summary of the product discounts and discounted prices).  Once we’ve distributed the clothing orders, any remaining inventory will be listed on the website with the new discounted prices.

There will be proceeds from the sale beyond the two operational items listed above.  The board has agreed on two specific uses for these funds that we could not otherwise pursue without a change in member fees:

  1. A project to replace our current website
  2. A multi-year youth bursary commitment

Website Project

Our current website has served us quite well, but has become a significant challenge to administer, especially the “store” component of the website. The current website also limits our ability to address our growing membership diversity from an activity type (e.g. MTB, CX, road, gravel grinder, etc) and rider type perspective (e.g. recreational riders, intermediate riders, racers, etc).  We will engage professional support to design and implement a new website to address these challenges.

Youth Bursary

A Youth Bursary has been a strong, but variable, component of our club’s history.  Recently, with increasing club costs we have struggled to maintain the bursary. This one time payment from Sugoi gives us an opportunity to put aside funds to commit to a bursary over the next two or three years.

New Pricing

Note: Arm Warmers and Leg Warmers are included here as there is some 2016 stock remaining, which will be sold at the discounted price.

Clothing has been a significant challenge in 2017 and the board would like to thank all members for their patience and understanding.  The delays are unfortunate, but we hope the compensation offered to those who ordered clothing will help, and the additional club benefits will strengthen the club and our ability to support cycling in the Waterloo Region.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask any members of the board or reach out directly to me through our contact page.


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  1. scottbikes

    Sounds good to me… thanks for managing this and for all you and the Board do for the Club!!

  2. Claude

    So are the clothes ready for pickup? I did not see anymore communication on the topic.

  3. WCC Administrator

    Unfortunately we have not received clothing in the order we expected and cannot yet fill orders. We will do our best to keep updates flowing as we learn more.

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