March 30, 2017

Official Road Rides Start Tuesday April 4th

Official road rides start next week on Tuesday, April 4.  Please check the road tab on the website for starting locations and other details.

The Learn to Group Ride program will begin on May 3 with an orientation session on April 26. Details will be posted on the website.

Official mountain bike rides aren’t starting just yet, but will be announced on the website and social media.

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  1. dawn2012

    Or come out to a Gravel Grinder. Monday’s and Saturdays. I will start to lead Monday’s really EZ group in next couple of weeks. Gravel grinders are year round.

  2. Hirun

    I have a question about Tuesday rides. Is it mandatory to have done the Wednesday learn to group ride before being able to participate in the Tuesday night rides?

  3. JasonPollard

    Hi Hirun, while it is not mandatory to complete the LTGR we do strongly recommend it based on two criteria. The first criteria is group riding experience. Having some group riding experience helps you to more quickly fit into our EZ Echelon approach. The second criteria is fitness level. Tuesday night is our hardest road ride of the week, with a focus on intervals and using a challenging loop with many rollers. There are typically 5 -- 7 groups of about 12 riders ranging from Intermediate to Race pace. Given the training purpose of this ride it can be very hard if you don’t have strong enough fitness or any group riding experience. So, it is not mandatory, but we also don’t want you to have a poor experience. If you do choose to give Tuesday a try then we suggest for the first week that you join one of the last two groups. This is a very common approach to seeing how our Tuesday rides works before moving to a stronger group. Please also take a read through our Ride Guide for details on group riding in the Waterloo Cycling Club:
    Thanks, Jason

  4. Hirun

    Thanks Jason, my fitness level is not bad. Though I do have very little group riding experience. I will follow your advice and join one of he lay few groups so hard I can get use to the routine. Thanks again for informing.

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