September 5, 2016

It’s the end of September…and an end to evening road rides

Unfortunately sunset is no longer our friend and official evening road rides are now coming to end.  The week of Sept 26th will be the final week for official evening road rides, but don’t hesitate to suggest unofficial rides on the Rides forum!

Note: Saturday morning Fondo rides will continue while the weather allows.

We hope you enjoyed the 2016 WCC road season, but don’t forget that as the road season winds down the CX season picks up!

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  1. sm reimer

    Is there a ride tonight leaving from SJAM?

  2. dawn2012

    You can still ride outside -- Gravel Grinders will still be occurring Monday evenings and Saturdays. Will need lights on Monday though. Fenders will soon be required too.

    Enjoy the outside as much as you can….

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