June 29, 2016

Saturday Fondo Rides – Now Starting at 8am

Many of you asked….and the ride leaders of the Moderate, Intermediate and Fast Fondos listened!

Effective July 2nd the Saturday Fondo Rides are moving to an 8am start.  This change helps us start a little earlier to deal with hotter weather and get back a little earlier to enjoy more of the day with our families and friends.

The ride page will be updated with the following schedule for Saturday start times.  Please let us know what you think of this schedule so we can continue improving this ride.

Note: There is NO change to the start location.

April – 9:30am
May, June – 8:30am
July, Aug – 8am
Sept – 8:30am
Oct onward – 9:30am


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  1. bill2012

    “start a little earlier to deal with hotter weather ”

    Bah! You’ve already cursed the weather for the weekend. The high of 24 quickly changed to 19. Better watch out for the the white stuff… 😉

  2. g75201

    luv the new start. Allows for some of the Honey Dew list to be taken care of in the afternoon and keep peace in the family. Thx guys.

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