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April 21, 2016

Marathon MTB Race Results


WCC MTB TEAM MANAGER Race Report          by Joel Lee

WCC had a number of riders out for the first Marathon race in the Substance Projects series, Homage 2 Ice (H2i).

There was a lot of apprehension about the trail conditions coming into the day but the trails turned out to be in excellent shape. The first 2/3 course was perfect, anywhere from dry to slightly tacky. The last 3rd had a couple of ice patches and a few wet spots, but still in great shape given the time of year!

Mike Lynch compiled a list of results for the Team and ‘friends of WCC’:


  • Ana-Maria placed well, she commented that the course was not too difficult and other than all the logs, seemed to suit her style.
  • Kevin Broadfoot, enjoyed the course and was pleased to see the uptick in number of WCC riders compared to last year.
  • Mitchell made a big step up in doing his first 1/2 marathon distance event (at 14 years old!).
  • Joel managed to execute his race plan perfectly and ended up with first place!

The reason for my leaving early was to take Aidan to the hospital for a “Better Safe than Sorry” concussion check. He’s alright, although he probably has a sore chest after a run-in with one of the logs on course (there were some huge ones). He said he was on good form before his crash. I saw a couple of the full distance riders come through between laps 3 and 4, and spirits seemed high. There were some good results from a few first timers and veterans alike!

It was nice to have the tent set-up, as a focal point for the team. It ended up becoming part of the neutral feed zone as well. We were happy to contribute to a successful event from Substance Projects.

Here is the link to the new RACE report category in the Forum.  Everyone is encouraged to post a report about their experience HERE.



What’s next:

The next Marathon race, XCM #2 is May 21, the Long Sock Classic in the Ganaraska Forest, East of Oshawa.

This weekend is P2A on Sunday, April 24!

The next MTB race is XCO #1 – O-Cup Woodnewton on May 1. Ken pre-rode the course Sunday, so he might have some details for us.

The Spring 8 Hour is May 7 in Mansfield.

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