April 9, 2015

Novice Orientation & Ride Leader Meeting

Novice OrientationPlease join us on Wednesday April 29th, 7:00-8:00 pm at the Waterloo Recreation Centre (Room 200) for our Annual Novice Orientation.

Here, we will be reviewing the logistics of group riding, basic maintenance demonstration, nutrition tips and much more!

We’ll start riding the following week, May 6th.
All of the details may be found here.

The event is open to all…please feel free to bring a friend or perspective member. Registration is NOT required.

Ride Leader Meeting

Following the Novice Orientation, we will be gathering to review the format of this year’s rides with all Ride Leaders.

Please join us Wednesday April 29th, 8:00pm, Room 200 at the Waterloo Rec Centre.

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  1. Dinoz

    Hey everyone,

    By saying bring a friend, would this be a meeting for people looking to start riding and joining the club potentially?

  2. WCC Administrator

    Exactly, Dino!

  3. psicho

    hey. if I ride there, will I be able to bring my bicycle inside? I am not comfortable locking it up anywhere.

  4. Petie

    The recreation centre on Dunbar Road right?

  5. WCC Administrator

    It is best to contact the Rec Centre about bringing a bike into the building.
    Here’s the contact information to both questions above:
    101 Father David Bauer Dr
    Waterloo, ON
    (519) 886-3844

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