September 3, 2013

Pacelines are not a crime- Show your support



Inspired by recent events in the region involving riders being charged after been struck by a vehicle while training in a legal, paceline formation, King Street Cycles conceived and printed bumper stickers to make the point that riding paceline is not a crime in Ontario.


Local bike stores, like King Street Cycle and Cycling Clubs, like WCC are the leaders in the sport.  We train kids, novices and develop riders to enter events and support race teams to aim for the podium, all while training in groups on the roads of Ontario.  Double rotating (constantly passing) paceline is the cornerstone of group riding in the 100 clubs of the Ontario Cycling Association.


Rotating Paceline is not riding two abreast.  Paceline is not a crime.


“Collingwood OPP Constable Piet Huyssen, who will be part of the OPP’s bike patrol in the community this summer, says the rules of the road in Ontario do not dictate that cyclists ride in single file — though that’s a commonly-held misconception among motorists.”


Riding single file is not the law under the Provincial High Way Traffic Act in Ontario.  Regarding local “no riding two abreast bylaws”, many Police and Municipal authorities state that groups riding a “paceline” would NOT be an infraction of the Bylaw due to the riders continuously rotating and overtaking each other. (Halton Police).


Paceline is the safest riding formation for cyclists and the most convenient configuration for motorists to pass.  This is what we believe.


To purchase your sticker, please visit King Street Cycles in Waterloo.


Stickers are $6.  All proceeds go to the Together We Travel – Ride With Angels.

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  1. Igor

    I am not sure if the best way to deal with this issue is to put it as a “rotating pace line” versus “two abreast”. From the motorists’ perspective it doesn’t make a difference if the cyclists are continuously passing each other or not. Hinging it to a lawyer spun legal technicality avoids the core issue, which is the car culture and its intolerance of alternatives…

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