February 27, 2013

King and Queen of the Spring Race Series…Just Announced!

Four races, four locations, four opportunities to test riding resilience. New for 2013, four early season races will join together for the “King of the Spring” Event giving the top 30 riders in each race an opportunity to earn points for the overall top male and female. Take home the prize for the toughest, grittiest spring cyclist in Ontario.

Why race in the King of the Spring Race Series? One big reason is the new elite wave for the Paris to Ancaster 70km race which is almost sold out. The first three races in the series are the official P2A Elite wave qualifier.

P2A race organizer Tim Farrar commented, “I am excited to be involved with 3 other early spring races challenging cyclists here in Ontario. I look forward to having some of the top elite cyclists competing for the King of the Spring award”.

The STEAMING NOSTRIL will begin the series on Sunday, March 24th when true cyclists will saddle up at the starting line; nostrils flaring and steam rising. “Steaming Nostril” consists of 64km of rural farm road, gravel and rail trail traveling through Ontario Mennonite country. For more information go to

The second race in the series invites you to Oakville, Ontario on Saturday, April 6th for the Tour of Bronte. The 8 km race circuit is a mix of smooth and not so smooth paved and unpaved winding, narrow roads. It evokes the feel of the historic classic races in northern Europe and modern ProTour retro classics like the Montepaschi Strade Bianche in Tuscany. For more information go to

Third in the series brings you the Hell of the North in Stoufville, Ontario on Sunday, April 7th.  125 km over challenging terrain. Designed to make you hurt. Make you suffer. To make you love being on your bike. In the spirit of the spring classic, this ride will push you right to the edge… then bring you back. Your face will tell the story. Your legs will beg for mercy. A day your heart will never forget. For more information go to

The grand finale for the King of the Spring began 20 years ago, inspired by the classic European Paris to Roubaix race, taking cyclists 70km over the roughest farm lanes, trails and gravel roads they can find from Paris to Ancaster, Ontario. On Sunday, April 14th celebrate the 20th anniversary of Paris to Ancaster becoming part of the history of this unique race. For more information go to

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